Thursday, December 29, 2005

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A Typical Day

I thought I'd go through what a typical day is for me.

I usually am up by 5:30 because I cannot sleep. I'll go into the kitchen and fix some tea and check my emails on my laptop. I'll putter around in the kitchen until about 6:30 - then I return to the bedroom for my first exchange of the day.

An exchange is the dialysis fluid that I put into my body to remove the toxins and extra fluid that a functioning kidney would normally do. I fill my abdominal cavity with this solution. It's basically a sugar-water solution that removes the waste and excess water from my system through an osmosis process. For me it's 1.5 liters per exchange and you carry it in your body for 4 hours at a time. This is done 5 to 6 times a day every day.

Then I take the other medications and insulin injections after checking my blood sugar level.

Finally back to the kitchen to fix breakfast and take more medication. I see Sue, my wife, off to work and this is a typical morning routine for me. After this, it's time to pay bills and do other household chores.

Then, when I have time I play with my camera and the computer. Now of course I write into my blog too. Then it's time for another exchange and lunch. That takes me to now which means I have to stop for the time being. Later, I will try to post some mor photos and a comment on he Red Cross and their troubles as I see it.


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