Thursday, December 29, 2005

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The Red Cross

I have a comment on the Red Cross.... My wife and I both gave to the Red Cross for the two recent disasters and were happy to be able to do so. Now I've seen and read about some contract workers the Red Cross hired to man one of its call centers. It seems there was an effort by 50 or so of these cotract workers to sent relife funds to their friends and relatives.

There is not a punishment just enough for these people who would steal from those in need. They should be sent to prison for a number of years - say five or more and upon release serve community service in one of the disaster areas cleaning up.

I hope this will not adversly effectdonations to the Red Cross as they perform a great service to hose in need.

This is how I feel.

Sue is home sick with the flu.. it must be really bad because she never misses work. I'm doing what I can to care for her. it's time to make her some more hot tea with honey and lemon. Photos for today will have to wait a while longer. It's almost time for another exchange too.


At 9:49 PM, Blogger mysteryscribe said...

The red cross thing is interesting. you may or may not know but Becky and I donate to the Salvation Army. It has to do with a story of your grandfather's.

In the late thirties he was hoboing through the country. He and a friend got to chicago in the winter. Evidently their shoes were worn out as a lot of men's were at the time.

He and his friend were staying in a salvation army shelter at that time. That night the Captain or whatever they call them came around. He gave my dad and his friend each a pair of new shoes. One of the shoe plants in Chicago had failed and all the stock was given to the Salvation Army. Daddy never forgot that and he always made his gift to them. Now Becky and I do it for him.

I was very pleased to note that the first people feeding the homeless in biloxi were the Salvation army food trucks. So the red cross is a fine organization I am sure, but I donate to the Salvation army instead. Stealing from prople who have nothing is reprehensable no matter how you cut it.

Not much I can say about your day. I have no idea what that would be like so I can only say sounds like a lot of work and I hope you get your kidney soon.

Uncle charlie


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