Wednesday, February 01, 2006

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It's 1:40 A.M. and I'm Up

Rice Field
It's 1:40 in the morning and I find myself unable to sleep, so I'm at the computer looking and commenting at various photo sites. I napped today during my dialysis session. Now I'm not tired. Also the itching is so bad it makes it very hard to sleep. The itching is a side effect of the dialysis treatments. It dries your body out so your skin becomes very dry and itchy. Usually if I sit up for a while I will get tired enough to go back into the bedroom and go to sleep. This doesn't always work. Yesterday I sat up from about 4:30 until it was time for breakfast .

Sometimes I try to use this time constructively and do things like pay bills or order my medicines. Other times I just play or try to write as I'm doing now. I've found that writing this blog has helped me focus on getting better and has been very therapeutic for me. It's an easy way to explain to relatives and friends how I'm feeling both physically and mentally. Oh, of course I love to include some of my photos for others to look at too. These photos are old images from when we used to live in Arkansas. Most were made during the commute between Stuttgart and Little Rock I made this trip from Stuttgart to Little Rock three times a week to go to school at UALR.

I guess I'm going to try to go back to sleep now. I'm not really tired but I do need the rest. So will see if sleep is possible now - until next time, good night.


At 5:25 PM, Blogger mysteryscribe said...

I'm sure you have tried everything but... the whole family has that sky at one time or another. Im sure yours is ten times as bad. what works for me sometimes is to take a shower and rub mosturizers into my sking after on patting myself dry. I don't know how it works but it does.


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