Friday, January 27, 2006

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Sue at History Day Fest - in sepia tone

I just finished drink a can of Nepro. It's an Enshure drink made for people on dialysis. Here I an at 46 drinking "old peoples" supplements - who would have ever figured. It's not too bad cold and with a lot of ice but, it's no milkshake either.

Now I look back at all those ads showing seniors sking, hiking,traveling and scuba diving and I don't laugh anymore. I'm envious of what they can do and I can not do at this time.

Tomorrow I have another dialysis treatment. I'm going to try to photograph the machine that helps to keep me alive so you can see it too.

Again I have to thank my wife, Sue and my Mom and Dad for putting up with me. I've needed their help in so many things and they hsve been right there to help. I couldn't get along without them all.

Sometimes I snap too easily at them. I don't mean to I just do. It's just so hard loosing control over your own life and beind so dependent on others.


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