Friday, January 27, 2006

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The Graveyard

About a week after Christmas we took down our tree. We have always had a cut tree for as long as I can remember. Some much bigger than we really had room for. I just love that evergreen smell a real tree has. We took our tree to the local Home Depot where they come and recycle them into mulch and give it away. That's where these photos are from. It's a little sad to see these once beautiful trees end up in the tree graveyard.

I feel I can relate to them. I feel like I'm ready to be tossed into a dump pile and recycled into something wothwhile. If only it were that easy.

Yesterday was my first hemo dialysis treatment outside the hospital. Everybody was trying to be so nice and upbeat but, it was still depressing to me. I am only a small fraction of the person I was. I'm finding it quite hard to go on. I wish I could wake up and all of this been a very very bad nightmare but, that's not going to happen.

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