Thursday, January 26, 2006

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Hospital Images

These are just some images from St Joseph, the hospital I was in.

The first one is the main lobby.
2nd is Mom and Dad having coffee in the lobby waiting area.
3rd is St Joseph in the lobby.
4th is my room there.
5th is the hallway to 4 west, the floor I was on.


At 2:40 AM, Anonymous MoonDew said...

Your hospital looks really nice and clean. I live in London where, unless a person has a lot of money to pay for a private hospital, or unless you've got expensive health insurance cover, you end up in a National Health Service (NHS) hospital.

I promise you, you wouldn't want to go into an NHS hospital in London. They are the most depressing (and sometimes unclean) places. I know of several cases, where patients went in for minor surgery and came out worse off. They had picked up that blood infection (I've forgotten what it's called), that's virtually impossible to treat. My former accountant had to have his foot amputated becouse of that infection, which he received while he was in hospital for varicose vein treatment.

I've heard stories of patients having the wrong organs, healthy organs, removed.

I think most hospitals in the US are better. I had eye surgery in the US twice, back in 1990/91. It was fantastic. The facilities, equipment and service were second to none.

Do you feel a bit better now?


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