Sunday, July 02, 2006

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Peter and John were walking over the areas he felt John would be able to use for some panoramic shots of the battlefield when Sarah walked up.

Peter, what the hell is this. The park service has doubled the vendor charges over last year’s price. The price I quote in our contract for the service’s photos was based on last year’s fees – it’s in the contract. I guess my photo’s prices have just tripled.

Calm down Sarah it’s a mistake on our part. You’ll get the same fee structure as last year.

John was mildly amused how this woman had just handled his old friend. Berg wondered what else Sarah could handle.

Peter noticed the look on John’s face and not to be out done. “Sarah” I’d like you to meet Berg. John shot Peter a look that would have shredded most. Err, I should say John Sandberg Peter corrected himself.

Sarah sensed Berg was a man who bore watching for sure. He seemed to be a man about to explode. Sarah Lee knew she wanted to be far away if that happened. Oh she might have to pick up the pieces, but she would just as soon it not be too soon after the explosion.

Nice to meet you Mr. Sandberg. I guess Berg is short for Sandberg Sarah said with a slight smile.

Oh no Peter was laughing – nothing like that. John’s men gave him that one because of the way he dealt with the enemy –Cold as an iceberg.

John gave his friend a harder glare than before. Peter shut up. Sarah saw what she thought was a slight sign of fear on Peter’s face.

“Nice to meet you Sarah but, you’ll have to Pete here, he tends to get bouts of diarrhea mouth from time to time. Peter frowned, then laughed.

I was just showing Berg here some good places for some panoramic shots for the morning battle shots, Peter was enjoying the discomfort on John’s face at the use of his nickname.

I think Berg might actually be better off over in that area where I’m setting up, Sarah delighted in using the nick name – seeing that it cause a slight discomfort between the two men. Over here he’ll have to put up with the sun in his face – not a good thing for a photographer ya know.

Well, I’ll leave that up to you two to figure out. I’ve got to get back for another meeting. With that Peter headed back to the park’s office.

Iit’s Sarah is it.

Actually it’s Sarah Lee Poole.

Oh, the pie and cake lady. John’s attempt at humor fell flat as a pancake and stuck to the roof of his mouth as if it were coated in cane syurp.

I’ve heard them all before. Berg I expected something a little more original from a man like you.

What do you mean by that. John protested.

Well, judging by the hair and body you’ve got to be ex-military and a little too sure of your self and we know you guys can be such pricks in civilian life.

John was silent. She had read fairly well. There’s more to this pie lady than shows.

At the same moment Sarah was thinking I need to find out more about this man.


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