Wednesday, May 31, 2006

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American Heroes

American Heroes

Photographed - 5/06
John - R Richard - L

I had an opportunity to photograph two very nice gentlemen at a local Memorial Day service this past Monday. John, the local commander of the American Legion and Richard who was there representing the VFW. These men were there to remember the men and women who were friends and comrades in arms that paid the ultimate price for their country.

These are the kind of men we should be proud of. They are true American heroes to me. They stand head and shoulders over any sports, TV, movie or music star. These men risked their lives and went into harms way so that we may live as free Americans today America is proud to have you as citizens and I am proud to have met you both

Humbly and rightfully so, John reminded me that the real heros are and I quote " Hero's today are those young American's taking the shots and blasts for us overseas so we don't have to endure it here at home."

Thank you, John and Richard

Best Regards,


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