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Sarah walked away thinking that John Sandberg bore all the classic signs of
a 'going postal' killer. He had that intense look that her experience told her was dangerous. "So how do you know Peter?" She asked it as they walked across the meadow.

"We served together in a couple of places," Sandberg Suggested.

"Well he must not have been a very good soldier, he should have known the sun would be in your eyes from that point." It was a direct criticism of Peter and also the Military. Sarah had busted her share of G.I.s. Some while she worked as a beat cop, and even a few while she worked the gang squad. She respected the military without holding it in awe.

"He wasn't thinking about the sun being an issue since he knows nothing about photography. Hell I come to it late myself."

"So, what made you decide to join in the legacy of Ansel Adams and Edward Weston?"

"After I retired I needed something to keep my mind occupied. I didn't think I had all that many alternatives." John left the main reason tucked away. He didn’t want the emotions to boil to the surface

"Yeah, I can't see you punching a clock. The boss maybe but definitely not a clock."

Berg was at a loss for words, something that usually didn't happen to him. She continued walking until she reached the eastern side of the meadow. "The Yanks will come from that direction, she said it pointing to the north end of the field. The rebs will be waiting for them over there." At the mention of the Rebs she pointed to the gully that ran across the Southern end of the field.

"So it's a classic ambush."

"Not sure you could call it that, the Yanks know they are there. Won't be no surprise when they start taking fire. The Rebs have a couple of two inch guns that should be interesting to see shoot."

"You gonna' do the shots with that old camera?"

"Yep, it's what I do John."

"I have a bag full of zoom lenses, you don't mind if I do close ups of the soldiers do you?"

"Why would I mind?"

"My shots well most likely show you up a bit." He said it knowing that it sounded arrogant as hell. He knew how it sounded but he really didn't care.

"Oh don't worry about me. I just make one shot of the battle. I leave the rest of the crap shots to tourist with plastic cameras."

"This plastic camera is state of the art," Sandberg said angrily. He felt the need to defend himself. For some reason he had taken the remark personally. He had never been a tourist anywhere.

"Did they throw in a little talent and experience along with the warrantee?" Bug was beginning to play dirty.

"Why don't you wait and see how the shots look before you judge?" he asked.

"Oh I know how they are going to look. They are going to look like little plastic soldiers, in a little plastic frame." Sarah smiled at John Sandberg just to let him know she wasn't going to back down.

"Well we will see what is what tomorrow," He suggested.

"Yes we will. So Sandberg where are you staying tonight? Did they find you a comfortable motel?"

"Tell me you aren't going to make fun of me sleeping in a motel bed, while you rough it in the back of a wagon. I'll have you know I have slept in the rain without so much as a tent. I have slept while sitting against a tree. I might add that it was so hot and humid that you could ring water from the air."

"Then I suppose you have earned the Pakistani West Plaza." She was of course referring to the local mom and pop motel that would be filled with the families of re enactors. Not everyone was interested in sleeping on the ground. The camp followers for sure would be off to sleep in comfortable beds.
"So you are camping out with the other camp followers?" Sarah asked with a smirk. Sarah enjoyed putting Sandberg on the defense. It was an old cop trick to keep him off guard. Though she had no idea why she felt the need to keep him from digging in. She had an instinctive feeling that Sandberg was dangerous to her but she wasn't sure on what level.


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