Monday, July 17, 2006

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Berg was finally back in his room at the Cannon Ball. The interviews had lasted more than two hours with the promise of more to come. Berg got out his gear and sorted out his equipment for the morning shots. He had decided to take the smallest of camera bags with him this morning.

Berg packed his Canon 1Ds and two lenses, a wide angle Canon EF 24 – 70 mm f/2.8 and Canon EF 70 – 200mm f/2.8L Is USM. “Oh. This is good glass.” Beg then picked up a beat up Canon Digital Rebel XT with its original 18 –75 mm AF lens.

Berg thought back to his friend Billy and how his camera had started it all and ultimately finished things. He had made a promise to himself to always take a shot with it where ever he was for Billy. It could serve as a back up if need be.

Well, look what the cat dragged in.

Morn’in to you too Sarah Lee. Sleep well?

Berg was prodding Sarah some this morning. He was tired after all the questions by the cops. The same questions had been asked and answers fifty times at least. Berg had grown weary after the third set.

Better than you by the looks of things. I was getting worried you weren’t going to show and they would ask me to use one of those Mattel cameras to do your job.

Sarah, you really know how to turn on that southern charm, don’t you.

I got a little tied up at a Waffle House this morning but I don’t have all that crap to set up like you do with that shoe box you call a camera. I’m ready and mobile on the battlefield.

Couldn’t quite get your grits down, could ya.

Yeah, something like that.

Well shit, more latecomers to get in my way and muck up things. There’s even a TV crew with ‘em too. These re-enactments haven’t been this popular before.

Berg looked over to see what appeared to be a small throng of reporter types heading up to their location.

Captain Sandberg, Captain John Sandberg - It was the one leading the pack up the hill.

Sarah was now confused. They wanted Berg. What the hell gives?

Yeah, I’m Sandberg.

Mark Bolton, AJC. The ranger in charge said we all had to come in a group because your time was limited and you were about to start work. This is Jim Messer, Fox 5 News and Julie Bass, channel 2 Action News

Linda Storm Kennesaw Gazette, pleasure to meet you Captain.

Please call me John. I’m not in service any more.

Well, we all would like to hear your account of how you single-handedly managed to disarm and subdue the armed robber this morning at the Waffle House.

What, what is this? Sarah couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

Berg quickly related his story of the robbery attempt to the cameras and print people.

Then it came, it was that little snot, the Fox reporter Jim.

Your are the same captain Sandberg awarded the Medal of Honor by the president who was latter linked to the mental torture of prisoners under your charge, right? You were “retired” from the Army after that incident. Is that correct?

Sarah was think, as well as the others – What an asshole.
Berg just turned and walked away, leaving Messer to stand there looking like an enormous prick.


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