Thursday, September 14, 2006

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Doctor Visits... How many can you do in a day?

Quarry Towers at Sunrise

Photographed 9/06

Have you ever tried to arrange more than one doctor's appointment for the same day? Thay in itself can be hard enough but ay times close to each other is impossible I have concluded. No matter how far in advance you plan it's not going to happen.

Can you guess where I'm going to do today? That's right, visit a couple of my docs.
First is the vascular surgeon at 9:30 am which means I leave the house at 7:45 to get there on time (Atlanta morning rush hour traffic.. It's a misnomer. It's really the Atlanta snail race.) Then sit in a waiting room for an hour or so.

The other is my neurologist. He's only in the next building but, hours away. I see him at 2:15 pm with a guaranteed hour plus waiting room time.

By the time we enter the afternoon's snail race, I will have shot my whole dialysis-free day. I hate that too. I really look forward to them and it seems a shame to have to waste it waiting around for routine appointments that last maybe ten minutes and the result is " come see me in six months, sooner if you have any problems and by the way. That'll be $250 for today's visit."

That's my vent for today.
Old Tractor

Photographed 8/06

Just a couple of recent photographs I thought were interesting. I liked the way the sunlight illuminated the towers in the first one against the early morning sky.

The old tractor I saw one day sitting along the roadside. It reminded me of how I feel - old and rusty but still working.

Regards to all - Mark


At 7:44 AM, Blogger Annie said...

Hi Mark, Thanks for checking out the little librarian action figure on my blog. Do you really have someone on your Christmas list who would appreicate her?

I know what you mean about the interminable waits and disaffirming visits of routine exams topped with the demand for money, lots of money. Do you take your camera along with you so you can take shots for your blog?

At 11:03 AM, Blogger mysteryscribe said...

nice photos just keep keeping on only advice that makes any sense,

At 3:54 PM, Blogger Shorty said...

The tower shot reminds me of the way the shuttle looks when they are getting ready to launch it—the booster rockets at least. —San Antonio DP

At 9:25 AM, Blogger Karen said...

I hate the appts are long and tedious and take up your day. Why not just tell them when you can make it? Isn't it time you made the decisions!!
Your photos are interesting. The colors and lack of color are great!

At 7:53 PM, Blogger Ggraph said...

Thank you all for your comments. My lack of posting lateiy has been due to a bug Sue & I picked up while waiting to be seen in the emergency room( my knee was messed up in an accident) We both spent the last couple of days between the bed and the bathroom. It's interesting how you can feel so bad and then all of the sudden your OK again. We both felt better within a couple hours of each other.

Sue is in Ohio today at the jelly king - Smuckers. She'll be back later tonight.

Happier news and photos tomorrow, I promise even if it is the day I see the"chop" surgeon.

Love to all,


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