Tuesday, February 07, 2006

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It's Almost Time

RAINBOW - I never knew you could go in so many colors! Something I found while riding around in North Georgia.


That's right it's almost time for me to return to the hofpital.Ii can't believe it myself. I'm just beginning to get over my last stay and now I'm going back. This time it should only be an over night thing if all goes well. They are set to remove my PD access and install a fistula in my arm as a more permanent access point for the hemodialysis.

It will be at St, Joseph's again. This is the hospital of choice because there one of the few that offer dialysis on site. As I've said before it's a good place. All the doctors and staff seem very concerned about your comfort and well being. It truly beats many other hospitals I've been in.

Along with this blog, I'm working on a web site. It will mainly serve as a forum to display my photographs ih a more organized manner. When it's complete I will link it with this page.
I hope you'll take a lookat it when it's ready.

Sue just got home so I'm stopping for dinner. We're having tacos tonight a little treat tonight.

{'m still looking on ebay for some land deals but so far haven't found any. Or at least nothing we could realistically could afford. Most of the land offered out West is a good price. It just doesn't have any water, electricty or phone services near by, They almost require a well to be dug and power supplird by solsr or generator. Most utilize cellular phone services. these are very expensive items to install but necessary to build a real home on your property. So, I guess I'll keep looking for that"just right" piece of land.

Some mixed are on tap for tonight. Hope you enjoy them.


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