Sunday, March 26, 2006

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City Photo - Lake Lanier

Lake Lanier

Photographed - 3/06

About 40 minutes north of Atlanta lies the southern end of Lake Lanier and Buford Dam.
Congress first authorized the construction of Buford Dam in 1946 as a part of the development of the nation's waterways.

The funds for the construction were secured latein 1949 as part of a multi-million dollar public works program. Congress set aside $750'000.00. This money was used to complete the initial planning and design phases of the project such as the powerhouse design and for the start of construction. The ground breaking was held on the Gwinnett County side of the future dam site on March 1, 1950.

Lake Lanier today serves as a major drinking water supply for Atlanta and other communities in the area. The lake is also one of the largest recreational resources in metro Atlanta. It offers boating and fishing as well as all other watercraft sports.

Cherry Tree in Bloom on Buford Dam

Photographed - 3/06

There were 43 parks around the lake that The Corp of Army Engineers operates (some are due to be closed due to budget cutbacks this year). They offer camping and picnic facilities. There's also a number of state and county parks surrounding the lake. There are several public and private marinas on the lake that offer docking and watercraft rentals. The lake also supports a thriving number of charter fishing guide services.
The Chattahoocheee River

Photographed - 3/06

This is a view of the river from Buford Dam
Road which runs along the top of the earthen dam. This roadway serves to connect the east and west sides of the lake. The next crossing is via a bridge about five miles to the north. In the photo you can see a small parking area below the dam. It's very popular with fishermen and picnicers.

The River Downstream

Photographed - 3/06

The water coming from the dam is cold enough to support native trout.The river is also stocked by a fishery that lies about a mile downstream from this point. Brown, Brook and Rainbow trout draw the fishermen to this part of the river. We live only about two miles south or here, so the lake and river are very close by.


At 8:46 PM, Blogger wendela said...

Sure a lot of natural beauty in your area. I saw Chattahootchee and thought of a song. Pretty cherry tree, too. Never been there- looks nice! :)


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