Sunday, March 19, 2006

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Daily City Photo - Interesting Things to See Near Atlanta

Watson's Mill Bridge

Photographed - 3/18/06

This is a series of photographs taken on our trip to Watson's Mill Bridge State Park in Comer, GA. The bridge was constructed in 1895, thirty years after the Civil War. Today, it remains the longest covered bridge in the state. The amazing fact is that it's still in use today spanning the South Fork River.
Down Stream View
The park lies a little more than an hour east north east of Atlanta, about 45 minutes from my home. It's very popular for picnics and cookouts with its tables and grills. There are many scenic spots for the photographer to shoot from. Sorry, but my selections were limited by my lack of mobility. It's really a beautiful and peaceful

Up Stream View

There is much wildlife in the area too. Several deer ran across in front of our car (camera in backseat of course).

I thought I would try to get photos of places people like to visit within about an hours drive of Atlanta. I will continue with this series from time to time as time permits.

Tomorrow will be focused on things in everyday life around here in Cumming, Ga.
Rocks & Roots

Until then, please enjoy a couple more images from Watson's Mill. Oh, I should have told you, there is nothing left of the old mill except the dam just below the bridge. Too bad it didn't survive the test of time.

Covered Bridge - panoramic View

This last photo of the bridge was stiched together with a program called "Panorama Maker 3". Isn't digital photography just wonderful. In a few minutes I've done what would have taken many hours or even impossible to do with a film camera.

Wish everyone a great start to the new week ahead!


At 10:18 PM, Blogger Denton said...

Your stitched photo of the bridge is great. I have tried playing with AutoStitch some. I may try Panaroman Marker as well.


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