Friday, March 17, 2006

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Office & Apartment Condos

Locally called the king and queen buildings these are two of Atlanta's hundreds of office/living mixed use condos. These condos boarder the Buckhead/ Alapharetta area. Someone wanting ad address here can expect to shell out about $250,000 to $300,000 for a one bedroom lower floor unit. A two bedroom jumps to $475,000+.
It's a great location, close to downtown and many activities but, you do pay for it. A two bedroom condo in a nice building in downtown Atlanta can easily run a $1,000,000 up to$3,000,000. A little more than my budget!
Table Flowers VII

Photographed 1/06

It's early Friday morning and I'm up unable to go back to sleep. This time it may be due to the fact I went to bed early so I got my usual short number of hours of sleep. My sleep cycle just ended at 4:30 am that's all.
It really would be nice to sleep a normal set of hours.

They're still predicting rain and much cooler weather this weekend so most outdoor activities are out. This includes my favorite, grilling out and outdoor photography. Maybe we can sneak a little in between rain showers. Sue had noticed some nice old barns on her drives to Peachtree City earlier this week.

I'll do some flower photography this morning with the flowers I picked up last night at the store. Then it'll be off to dialysis again. It's the never ending nightmare of my life. Mt right hand has become so dried out due to a combination of the weather and dialysis that's cracking, bleeding and hurts. Just chalk it up to another great side effect of this disease.

I started this morning taking a look at some of the Daily City Blogs. I'm trying to view a couple of new ones each day. I saw a really nice one from Boston, MA this morning. It had some really great photos that were very informative too. I enjoy seeing these areas and getting a little background information about them.

Well, it's about time for me to get up from this computer and fix some breakfast. Sue will be getting up soon and I'd like to have something ready if she wants something.


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