Sunday, March 12, 2006

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I'm going to try something new today. An almost all picture post with only a few small comments about the images. I've always had problems with the layout of my photos. They don't seem to stay in place. Maybe I'll learn something this time around.

The peach was shot in a backdrop I made to take advantage of the natural light in our house' Photographed - yesterday spring 06

FRUIT - Still life

The same technique was used on the fruit still life with good results. It's hard to beat natural light for illumination Photographed - spring 06


Part of a cut flower selection from our local grocery store. I get about 75% of my flowers from there in the winter months. Photographed - fall 05


More store cut flowers. These can be purchased rather cheaply- under $5 a bunch. Photographed - fall 05


Another grocery store find. Three stems and greenery for $4.95. A great buy and they all last for at least a week. Photographed - fall 05


An old hand drill that belonged to my Grandfather. It got a lot of use in its day. I think it has interesting lines and an artistic value as an object other than a drill. Photographed - spring 05


A beautiful smail church located about one mile east of Helen, GA. A very peaceful setting. Photographed fall 2005


A river birch tree that I planted in our front yard four years ago. It's about six times its size from when it was planted. They have the most interesting bark. I love to see them. Photographed summer - 05


At 10:18 AM, Blogger mysteryscribe said...

Your still life work is very good. The black backround is hard to beat for that kind of thing helps the colors some for sure. It also kills the shadows thats why we used it for bridal portraits. Good for lots of product shots on ebay as well. Nice work

At 8:52 PM, Blogger Diahn said...

Beautiful photos - luscious and lovely colors on that black background, and I love the photo of the church in Helen.


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