Thursday, March 09, 2006

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Lawyers & Peppers -Hot Stuff

PEPPERS a study

I want to make a bit of a clarification about lawyers and lawsuits. There are some instances where personal injury and medical malpratice lawsuits are valid and needed. Cases such as pure negligence or sheer indifference constitute cases for litigation. These cases are however, few and far the exception. That said we can move on.
Today has been very pleasant here with lots of sunshine and temperatures in the low 70's. So nice in fact, we are going to grill out this evening for dinner. It'll be steak with roasted peppers (yes, the ones in the photos) and onions. They get a very sweet taste on the grill as their sugars carmelize. Served over a bed of yellow rice. This will be our first cook out this season. I can hardly wait for Sue to get home so we can get started!
I've been both updating and wrecking my web site at the same time. I added several new photos and a message board to the site. Now if I could only get some visitors to come by. It has not been listed on any search engines yet because I wanted to get it set up correctly. This is something that looks as if it may never happen. I keep seeing neat little things to add to it and as I try it seems to screw up what's already there. There's a high learning curve here and I keep sliding off! lol

Tomorrow, dialysis and another four hours of my life gone. I guess I shouldn't complain since it is keeping me alive. It just seems like I could be doing something else with the time. It makes you tired and lately all I've wanted to do during the treatments is sleep. At first I would read or write but, I haven't done that in more than a week.

Monday it's off to St. Joe's to see Dr. Oberman so he can scope my stomach and see if the stress ulcers have healed. Then on to dialysis. Sue is having to take the whole day off because they will drug me and I'll be unable to drive for some time afterwards. At least I get another free weekend and maybe we'll go some place nice.

Our wedding anniversary is coming up soon. On May 3rd Sue and I will have been married twenty years, It just seems like yesterday when we were in the church. We were married in the church Sue's father helped build, St. Thomas Aquinas, near our home now. Other That my health, I've been a very lucky man.

I've been posting my photos here and on my some day to be finished web site. I've also posted at Porter's Camera Store site on the member's message board. Even a site out of Russia - Fotoforum My favorite, where I post the most, is a site out of the UK Check all these places out. They all have much and different things to offer any level photographer.


At 3:12 PM, Blogger mysteryscribe said...

You are turning into edward weston shoot then pepper then eat it. Nice move.


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