Friday, March 03, 2006

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I'm just getting ready for lunch. I have to eat a little early so I can make it to my dialysis appointment on time. This is going to be the first weekend in more a year that I'll have completely free from all dialysis activities. I hope Sue and I can find somewhere to go or something fun to do.

O.K., so I didn't get back to finish this as soon as I thought I would. The dialysis seemed to last forever yesterday. In reality it was no longer than usual. I just wanted to be someplace else, anywhere else! Several other people at the clinic also have had problems with muscle cramps after treatments. It's a side effect of removing a little to much fluid or electrolytes from your body. It's a delicate balance to get it just right. If you gain weight (body mass) as opposed to water weight the calculations for treatment have to be adjusted to account for the additional mass.

Sue's found a place for me to photograph. On her way home yesterday she saw a field that had been cleared for a development that had a single willow tree left standing in the middle of it. She said it was just starting to bud out and was quite beautiful: that I should photograph it. So, later today we'll go by and I'll take a few shots if they didn't bulldoze it yet.

I tried a rose in the sunset yesterday. It was a little earlier in the day and the light was a little stronger than before. I'm not as happy with the results. I think it's good, just not quite as good. I think I will try again this evening if the light is right and get better results. I'll go ahead and post the first one and later you can compare and let me know what you think.

I still have no plans for this weekend. I guess we'll play it by ear and see what comes along. I know that we need to do some shopping for a few things and some groceries so that will eat up some time. It feels a little strange to not be hooked up to something either a machine or IV pole. Don't get me wrong. It's a great feeling, just strange after being connected for so long (over a year now). I know I'll enjoy the freedom.

One big thing on tap for this weekend is for me to start driving again. I don't think I'll have any problems with it but I'll take it slow to begin with until I get a feel for it again. This will mean I can drive myself to the clinic for dialysis since it's just a short distance from the house.


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