Tuesday, February 28, 2006

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Spring Flowers I

Spring flowers II

Spring Flowers III
Spring is in the air and with Spring comes renewal. A new season of growth and hope.

This is how I'm feeling now. It's a quite a change from when I first started this blog. Things have improved some for me. I'm not as sick and I have hope things will work out for us. I say us because it's not just me affected by this disease. It is all of us - me, my wife, my parents, my relatives and my friends - anyone who knows and cares about me.

As you can tell from this blog and my web site, I love photography and creating images.
http://photolife.4t.com/ It brings joy to a life that has little to be happy about. My wife, Sue, got me started again when she suggested I get a digital camera. It was my Uncle, "The Mystery Scribe", http://mysteryscribe.blogspot.com/ who recommend I look at the Panasonic Lumix line of cameras. Specifically the DMC FZ-20. I loved it right off. Later I found out they had a newer version with increased capabilities - the FZ-30. I bought one of them too. It's now my main camera of use. All the 'Spring Flowers" were photographed with it. It does a good job on just about everything with it's wide range of focal length. 35mm to 432mm (35mm eqv) I've been very pleased with the results they've given me. It has a Lecia lens that's crystal clear.

Up until now had been using a very inexpensive program to edit and post process my images ( Photo Explosion Deluxe) less than $30 USD. I've finally gotten "Photoshop 7" original cost around $500 USD. It can do much more but, it's much harder to learn everything it can do. lol which is better - ease or capability? You tell me.


At 9:21 PM, Blogger mysteryscribe said...

you are a techie go for the things... I am old school I stay with the crop and dark room effects of a smaller program.


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