Wednesday, February 22, 2006

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I talked with sue this evening. It was only half past midnight there and she was planning on taking a shower and getting ready to catch a taxi to the airport. She and two of her colleagues are getting the taxi at 3 am to catch their flight that leaves at 5 am. Oh, the joys of international travel. No wonder Sue doesn't look forward to these trips.

I mean, bad food - terrible hours - showers without doors or curtains - small cramped rooms - What's not to enjoy.

I've made her her favorite comfort food to eat after traveling. She loves home made vegetable soup with home made noodles. I also made petite pound cakes to fill with strawberries or chocolate and whipped cream for dessert. I had to do it tonight because I'll be in dialysis until about the time she gets home. I expect her around 5 pm our time.

After her flight lands, she has to maneuver through international customs. That'll take up about 30 minutes or more if they're really busy. Then baggage claim - another 20 minutes. A shuttle to the car about 15 minutes. Finally the drive home. By now it's prime rush hour so another hour to hour and a half. Travel fun never stops!

It's getting late here too. It's after 11 pm. Sue Just boarding for her flight to Amsterdam. There are no direct flights between Atlanta and Athens. I did read in our paper that Delta will start direct service to Athens in May - a little late this time.

I'm wrapping this up for now May not write much this weekend. I plan to spend most of my time with Sue. Maybe I'll get in a little while she naps.


At 9:14 AM, Blogger Kris said...

have been reading about sue ever since she left for her trip, you are a good husband !! Both of you are so lucky together :)) how about posting some photos of the deseerts you made ? ;D


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