Tuesday, February 21, 2006

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Missing You IV

Lonely Old Tree

What's on tap for today? Well, there is always dialysis a three and a half chunks in the middle of my day gone. I have to prepare dinner before I go to dialysis too. It should be O K since it's going to be slow roasted.

I didn't make it very long. I had words this morning with my Dad again. I feel like he's taken over my life. He's always checking on what I've done or telling me what I need to do or should be doing. At the clinic he asks all the questions - I don't even get the chance to because he's already done it. It was like yesterday when they called and wanted to change the days I go to dialysis. First they asked if it was O K with my father - 2nd if it was O K with me. It seemed it was more important to see what he thought than what I had to say about it.

Don't get the wrong idea. My Dad is a really great guy. He would do anything to help me or just about anyone who needed a hand. That's what makes me feel so bad when I get irritated with him. I try hard not to but, sometimes the words just slip out before I can think about what I'm saying.

In some ways he's like his father in that he can't seem to sit still. He's always got to be doing something or going somewhere. He has the habit of removing dishes from the table as soon as he thinks you've finished with them - sometimes even if you haven't. I wish he could just sit, relax and enjoy a meal without getting up between courses to wash the dishes. I mean just wait till we're all finished before jumping up to wash the salad bowls. Then after washing the dishes he puts them in the dishwasher. I've tried to convince him that's what the dishwasher is for. He doesn't need to pre wash everything but, he still does it anyway. I guess it's just in his nature.

Yes, I'm still missing Sue. As the time for her return gets closer, less than 48 hours now, I find I miss her even more. She's still not enjoying her dinner. The food choices just aren't what she likes although she has tried a little of everything. She woke up with some type of rash on her chin and neck. She doesn't know what caused it but she got some benadrill and that seems to have helped. She did have a good day sightseeing yesterday. She and a small group of coworkers hired a local guide to show them around. She said she got a lot of really good pictures. I gave her my panasonic DMC FZ-20 digital camera to take with her so she should have some nice clear shots.

I got some new flowers to photograph yesterday. I need to do that today when the light get good. Maybe I'll be able to post some of the photos later today or tomorrow. I love the colors and textures of flowers. They make a great subject for photography.

Photo for now" Lonely Old Tree" It kind of reflects how I'm feeling now without Sue.


At 10:12 AM, Blogger mysteryscribe said...

When I write there is always a common theme in it. Something from my Dad, your Dad's dad, and your Grandfather. Daddy used to do things "Just because they needed doing" He didn't spend a lot of time figuring out if he should do them or not, he just did it.

Sometimes that's a good thing, somtimes maybe not. But the people who over think the risks and benefits of a thing, often decide the right thing is too difficult and do nothing.

Or decide that it is easier to just lie about it all and do what is easy and wrong. Fortunately all us kids of Fred Gurkin never stop to think of all the negatives, we just tend to do what needs doing. Your dad falls into that category big time. If it needs to be done, take a look at who is there with a hammer ect.

I explain it to my family and friends as simply, like popeye says, "I yam whats I yam and thats all whats I yam."

At 10:13 AM, Blogger mysteryscribe said...

Also tell Sue that I agree Chicken is slimy at best.


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