Sunday, February 19, 2006

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Missing You - II

Old Lamp - Original
It doesn't help matters that it's a very cold and rainy day here. It just makes me miss Sue even more. I was able to speak with her when she called today. She had some good news about her keys. Her jacket has double pockets in that you can reach through the outside pocket and get to your shirt or pants pockets. Because of this design a space between the lining is open. Her keys fell into that space. She was, of course, relieved to find them.

The weather was just to nasty to go out for the chairs today store about thirty miles north of here where the weather is even worse. Not a good day to take a trip. Basically I've been stuck inside on a gloomy dreary sunless day.

I've been trying to clean up and reorganize some files on this computer. I put most of my photographs onto disk today so I could delete them from my hard drive. This will speed up working time since they were taking up so much space. I've already noticed a big difference.

I just put dinner into the oven to cook. I made a pork chop and potato casserole. It has to bake for about an hour - time enough for me to blog a little.

Got out bid on several ebay items today. I can't seem to keep up with the time left and then someone comes in with only a few seconds left and out bids me. The only good thing about it is that it saves me money. lol I did miss out on a couple of nice pieces of flatware for Sue though.
I'll have to keep trying.

I put on a photo challenge at the Porter's message board site. This weeks was to photograph an object in your office - home or work. The challenge is to try to bring out the objects artistic qualities. Or to see it in a different way - it's lines, shape or colors not just for it's intended purpose. So far, the response to the first three challenges has been very good with a lot of creativity being shown. I have fun with this and it's one way to entertain myself.

My thoughts keep returning to Sue. I hope she is having a good time. The weather for her has been little better. It's raining in Athens and quite cool (40F) there too. She is going out for a bit tomorrow to take some photos. Some of me must have rubbed off on her. When she gets back, I'll process and post a few of them.

I meant to post the original of "Old Lamp" yesterday so you could see what post processing was done on it. This is what I meant by creating an image as opposed to posting a photograph. That will be the photo for now. As you can see it was cropped, color balance was shifted, gamma radiation was reduced by 20% and the contrast increased by 60% to achieve the final image. Quite a difference from the out of the camera photo. I find the process to be fun and the image to be more interesting.


At 7:48 AM, Blogger mysteryscribe said...

Im glad you posted the original image. You know i'm "Old School" they tell me. I can appreciate color and form but I still like the original. With a little more work done to it, in that form, it would have been quite nice.

Hang in there you and I both know your dad is a what he is.. that ain't bad it just is.

I do hope you don't think there was ever a Gurkin who was any different.


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