Monday, February 13, 2006

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TUNNEL -An Atlanta street scene

This has not been a good day. It's been a 1 step forward fall 2 steps backward type of day for me. It seems that everything I've tried to do today something has gone wrong. Early this morning, about 5:20 am, I composed a rather lengthy blog post and published it. At least, that's what this site told me. Later, when I came back to view this entry it was gone. No trace even existed This really hurts me since I'm such a slow at typing.

Now I can not remember what all I had written about this morning. It was about my breakfast of eggs and rasin toast. Also about our Vice President shooting his hunting paretner accidently and the flack he would receive from the anti-hunting, anti-gun and liberal media. News story already started with VP Dick Cheny shoots man. Not that it was a hunting accident but that the Vice President shoots a man. Where or what has really happened is left out, makes for a better grabber sound bite.

Yesterday was in some aspects a bad day and a good day for me all rolled together. Yes, bad for me in that I had to spend another night in the hospital. Yet, good for me that this visit was a planned one and the surgery seems to have gone well.

They were able to find a good vein and create a fistula in my left upper arm. In about three months this will be my new access for the hemodialysis.

I had mentioned that Sue wouldn't be with us for dinner tonight because she had some shopping to do for her trip to Greece this Saturday. We did a little shopping Sunday but all we purchased was a couple of books from B Dalton for me. Sue did look at some furniture but hasn't found just the right thing yet. We have decided to get some new kitchen chairs from the "Oak Store". That's where we bought our bar stools from and we've been very happy with them. The're solid oak and were a great price too.

I am suffering mood swings. Sometimes I get really depressed. I really feel like I've no control in my life now. Other times I feel like there is real hope and better things are just around the corner. It just goes back and forth without ant real rhyme or reason. It makes me feel so tired I just want to lie down and sleep forever. As you know by now sleep doesn't come easily for me.

I had included a couple of images that i liked and had asked for feedback on them. That still holds true. I would really like for some of you to leave comments or e-mail me with your feedback on my images. Thank you.

I've still got some e-mails I need to return and bill I need to write. I did call the doctor's office today but, was unable to talk with the person I need to. So after three calles there today I'm no further along on getting my physical therpy than I was two weeks ago. I keep trying but, those damn backwards steps keep getting in my way. Aeter awhile you just get wopn down by the process.

This whole thing is like a marathon swim in the sea. I'm barely keeping my head above water and I know I might go under for the last time at any second now. I can't tread water forever either.

Well, this time it's not breskfast but dinner. So it's time to wrap this up for now so until later, goodbye.


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