Saturday, February 11, 2006

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I guess I wanted to belive what they said but, in my mind I really knew better. The doctor who was going to do this surgery - his people called me Thursday night around 7:00 PM and told me my surgery would be at 9:00 AM Friday morning. I was told nothing to eat or drink after midnight of course. Oh, you need to be at the hospital by BY 6:00 AM to check in and have lab work done.

This early time meant getting up at 4:30 AM and leaving the house by 5:00 AM to make it all the way down GA 400 to the hospital. This is par for the course. The hospital had called the day before and I answered questions for about 15 minutes over the phone. I was assured that by doing this I wouldn't have to fill out all those forms the next morning.

We get to the hospital about five till six am. I go to registration and give them my number I was given over the phone the day before. I get a blank stare and a ream of paper with all kinds of questions mostly the same ones I had answered over the phone. I was told they didn't know anything about a phone call but I WOULD have to fill out all the papers before I could go to the lab for testing.

So, I did and after a short wait was called to the lab waiting room. I sat there for some time. Later a nurse came out and toid me she was sorry but she had to take these other people back ahead of me since I was so early and my surgery wasn't until 1:00 PM. Of course, I said there must be some mistake. The doctor's office had called last night and told me to be here by 6:00AM and my surgery was at 9:00 AM. She checked and came back with the 1:00 time.

Later she told me they were going to get me in at 11:30. Not bad, I guess only 2 1/2 hours later than what I was told. They finally came for me at around 2:20 that afternoon only5 and a half hours later than what I was told. This was just for prep and x-rays. The surgery didn't start until about 4:30.

When I made it out of recovery They said now I would have to stay overnight because I got finished so late they hadn't had enough time to observe me properly.

Oh yes, the other thing. The local that everybody told me would be used turned into a general so off to sleep put I was.

The surgeon came by a little before 8:00 this morning and looked me over. He said everything looked fine and he was releasing me to go home. The nurse finally got the paper work finished about 10:45. Transportation was called and after 25 minutes and no one had shown up Sue went to get a wheelchair to carry me out. She was intercepted by the nurse who took pitty on me and took me out herself.

I got home just in time to grab a small bite and head out for my dialysis treatment at 12:45. I really ended up getting home about 4:20 PM this afternoon. Boy, what an adventure day surgery can be.

All in all though things seem to have gone well. They were able to use one of my veins for the fistula - it should be ready for use in three months and thid thing in ny neck can finnaly come out. Talk about a pain in the neck! lol


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