Thursday, February 16, 2006

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More Time - Careful What You Ask For

Well, I did get most everything I set out to do today done. The physical therapist is comming tomorrow between 11:30 and noon. If they can find the address, I madeball my other doctor's appointments and I went to dialysis too.

The dialysis was a bit of a disappointment in that they had to increase my time on the machine by twenty minutes or so. My numbers were good. All with in range except ny BUN was slightly higher than what they want, so the extra time. Daniel said that once I started being able to use the fistula he would be able to reduce the time some. It seems the fistula by design is more effecient.

Other than that things are getting better. I walked a short distance outside without a cane or walker today. Bear in mind here were talking just a few feet, maybe 50 or so - noyhing to get excited about but, a start.
I guess it's going tobe a fall theme with the photos - here's another one.

I'm trying to not use my walker because it's a more natural gait using just the cane. This is the first step in getting back to walking without assistance devices.

On another note, my web site is coming along nicely. I'm almost ready to list it on several search engines. I'm hoping to get some traffic that way. For a one month listing it'll cost me about $12. I have to see if it's worthwhile to spend the money or not. I hope it is.

My blog site is getting some traffic but, I'd like to increase it too. Just have to find a way. Any ideas? Please let me know.

I noticed today that a few people have found my web site. I am amazed considering the sheer number out there that anyone could find anything at all.

It's Friday, I didn't get this post finished yesterday. I did manage to sleep all night last night. It felt good to do so.


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