Saturday, February 18, 2006

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Wasted Time


I have to ask myself - Is writing this blog just a waste of time? Does anyone ever read it or care what I have to say? I guess it doesn't matter because it's a form of therapy for me. Therefore, it in itself is worthwhile and helpful.

It's very early Saturday morning. I've been up since about 3:40 this morning. I woke up and could not go back to sleep. This is what happens when you don't take the pain medication but I still think this is the right course of action.

Mom and Dad will be returning later today to make sure I get to dialysis since sue will be out of town. They will have to leave their home early today, around 7:00 am to get here in time to take me. I hate they have to leave so early.

I'm still searching ebay for mixed sterling flatware for Sue's collection. She wants mixed place settings rather than a matching set. She thinks that is more interesting and I tend to agree with that too. I also plan to buy some new kitchen chairs this week. We really have been needing some foe a while.

I got caught up on some e-mails to old friends this morning. I wish I were better at keeping in touch but, I've never been a quick or very good typist. It's a struggle for me as I hunt and peck on the keyboard. Thank God for word programs and computers my task would be next to impossible without them. Even writing this blog would not really be possible.

No matter what anybody says, Computers have greatly aided most people in their everyday lives by making many chores easier. I know that to be true in my case. Each day I use one I learn more and more. They are a conection to the world we live in. I get information, directions and make purchases that wouldn't be possible without one.

It's getting close to time for breakfast again, so I need to wrap this up soon. I'll be fixing my own breakfast this morning. I think some hot tea, grits and raisin toast will be on the menu for me this morning. I'll fix Sue something when she gets up. I'll let her sleep as late as she wants to this morning since she has to travel and I know she doesn't sleep well on the plane.

The photo for today is for Sue. The lily is her favorite flower - mine too.


At 8:45 AM, Anonymous Ron Porters Moderator said...

I tend to agree with your first statement this morning. Does anyone read this? Probably not as many as you wish. But you read it and write it with sincereness and emotion. Isn't that what a blog/diary is all about?

I read it everyday, usually, first thing in the a.m. to see how you are doing. Why because, I care, as do all your other readers, family and friends.

Is it good therapy? Well, you have to decide that. I would venture to say that any therapist would say absolutely. So keep it up.
You are worlds apart in how you sound from your first days. Does that not tell you something right there?


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