Tuesday, February 21, 2006

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Mixed Flowers

I got to speak with Sue this evening. She called about 5 o'clock pm our time. It was just after 1 am her time. She was getting ready for bed. She's got meetings at 8 o'clock in the morning. The fun is over It's all business left now.

Yesterday I gave her the Singular overseas number because her new international phone wasn't working> It seems someone here forgot to switch on the service. Kinda a big oversight when you are depending on your phone while in a foreign country. They apologized and will pick up the charges to the hotel for her earlier calls - a nice and welcome gesture.

Sue still has her rash. It's not any better but, not any worse either. She still has no idea what it's from. I still can't wait to see her - about 30 hours till she's home. I'll have fresh flowers for her to welcome her home. Then cook her whatever she's in the mood to eat. That will most likely be after she's had a hot shower, a little nap and some kitty loving. She always seems to follow this routine after a long overseas flight.
She'll get home Thursday afternoon and take Friday off to rest up and visit some.

Mom and Dad will most likely head home for the weekend so they can catch up on things at their home. I don't know if they plan to come back next week or not. I think they might because I've got some doctor's appointments already lined up. Things have gone better but, I think Dad's way of handling this is just not to talk to me unless necessary. Not exactly what I was after but it's a start we can work on and maybe make better.

My Uncle Charles aka "The Mystery Scribe" sent me a new disk for photo processing. I'm going to load and try it sometime tomorrow. His saga of pulp fiction continues on his blog
http://mysteryscribe.blogspot.com/ It's very good, so check out his stories. I noticed he has a new installment up, when I was copying his URL. I'll have to go back and read it.

I feel like I'm in some sort of limbo. Not knowing when or even if I'll get a transplant. I know many people - relatives and friends alike keep me in their prayers. This really means very much to me. I only hope I can do something meaningful if I get this second chance with a transplant. I guess I could go on forever on dialysis but, it's no way to live a life you'd want. I have to admit it keeps me alive but, at a great cost to your freedom and a normal life in all areas.

I think some more flowers tonight. This time straight from the camera ones, not altered.
These are for Sue, my love.


At 12:43 AM, Blogger mysteryscribe said...

I like both your flowers kid. You know the one shot I liked best that you altered that way was the city scape. That one had a nice emotional quality to it. It is hard to create emotion with abstract colors I think. The viewer has a harder time relating to them on a purely gut level. Abstract colors require some realignment of the brain paterns I think. Nothing wrong with that we can all use it now and again.

You sound a lot stronge keep on looking forward kid this tough time will pass. buy yourself a cd walkman and I'll send you some audio novels to take to the clenic with you. All the old stuff is on audio.


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