Wednesday, February 22, 2006

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Just Another Day


It's just another day in limbo. There's not much happening today. My physical therapist has already been here this morning. She gave me a couple of new exercises to work on along with the others. Also learned tecniques for streaching some tight leg muscles. I'm trying to get more flexibility in mt knees. We started on going up the stairs today too.

I'm trying to let Dad know when I take all my medicines so he will not have to ask. doing my exercises so that he sees me too. So far, things seem to be going more smoothly between us.

Just a little more than twenty-four hours before Sue gets home! Mom and Dad sald that they will probably leave Thursday after Sue is home. They are comming back as I have another doctor's appointment Monday. I hopr this will be the last week I have to impose upon them for help. I know they have their own lives and things they want and need to do at home.

I have to get up early tomorrowand go get flowers for Sue. I'll also need to get whatever I'm going to fix for dinner. I'll be in dialysis when Sue gets home. She should be here in the early afternoon if there's no flight delays.

Picture for today is a violet that we've had for some time. It's just started blooming again. I thought I should get a photo while it's in bloom this time.

More flower photos for Sue.


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