Thursday, February 23, 2006

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Home At Last

Small Garden Flower

Yes, Sue has finality made it home. She arrived shortly after 4 pm while I was still at dialysis. By the time I got home, about ten till five, she was already in the shower and almost finished. It's so good to have her home again. As soon as the shower was over it was off to the kitchen for some of that homemade vegetable soup. I ate too. I had leftover country style steak, gravy and rice from the night before.

We talked a lot and caught up on things. Sue told me all about her trip and the sights she saw. She described her hotel and meals - I like hearing all the details foreign travel is interesting to me. I told her about what went on here - my treatments, the mail that came while she was away and things in general. I'm taking the time to write this because Sue is sound asleep. We had gone into the bedroom to watch "Survivor" on TV. I fell asleep before it even came on and when I woke up a little more than an hour later Sue had fallen asleep too. I'm letting her sleep. She needs the rest.

Sue's taking me to the doctor in the morning. It's Dr. Oberman, the gastro guy. He wants to go over my medications. I'm not sure why it requires an office visit to do this. I had called with a question about one of them and the person I talked to said he was out and they would call back with the info I requested. Sure enough, she called back but, without the info. Instead she said I needed to set up an office visit to discuss it with him. To me it seems like a little much for a simple question especially when I have to see him in a couple of more weeks so he can scope my stomach. Oh, it been two weeks and I still have no answer to my original question.

Mom and Dad headed home for the weekend about 4:50 this evening. I called about 9:00 just to make sure they got home alright and with no problems. They were fine. They'll be back Sunday evening; maybe for the last time for awhile. I think I may be strong enough to drive myself to dialysis by the end of next week. We'll just have to wait and see.

It;s getting late here and I have an early and full schedule in the morning so I'm calling it a night for now.

Photo for today - a small flower that was on the edge of our garden this fall.


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