Thursday, March 23, 2006

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Why do we struggle against the odds? Is it an inherent trait among humans? No, it's seen in many other species too. The salmon that swim upstream to spawn and die along its banks. Birds and butterflies that migrate thousands of miles with each changing of the season.

It's the will to survive that we all share. The instinct in us has been tamed by socialization and an easier lifestyle. If push comes to shove, however. We humans can push with the best of them. It's universal, it's the same with all ethnic groups and all religions.

The Magical Hummingbird travels thousands
of miles each season.

I do not know what makes this way, most likely it's in our genes. It's self preservation. I'm glad it's there. It keeps me going. I have gotten so depressed at times with things that I've had my pistol out and ready but, that gene kicks in and I shove those thoughts out of my head. I'm not ready to quit yet. There's more in life I want to do and I will given the chance.


At 7:11 AM, Blogger mysteryscribe said...

Depression is a strange and not very nice thing. I once had a partner that had depression so bad it crippled him. He would miss shooting assignments because of it.

Everyone has situational depression I think. I would expect that to be your friend at the moment. Somehow that is different from the dark depression that seems endless.

I think our mind knows that the present situation will pass and won't allow us to make life and death decissions based on mementary circumstances. It is most likely those people who are crippled by depression lose that ability to tell that it will pass. I expect they are the ones who give up and bite the bullet.

The good days (mentally challenging) outweigh the physical B.S. When that stops happening, who know what the mind will tell any of us. But as of now you still produce, and still have value to your family and friends. I expect your mind to keep right on telling your body that this will pass.

Staying positive through it all is the thing that keeps us moving forward. Never give up, never back away from life, do all that you can, even if it isnt all that you would wish it to be. Best advice i can come up with and thats most likely off a sign somewhere I'm not sure I ever had an original thought.

At 12:34 PM, Blogger Denton said...

The hummingbird is very hard to photograph as well. They move so fast. Good job.


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