Friday, May 25, 2007

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Depression? Who.... Me/

North Georgia Images at Lakewood 400

Am I depressed? I think I am sometimes but I think we all get depressed at times. I have some good days ever now and then. I have really bad days more often it seems. These are days that I feel physically bad and yes, that in itself can be depressing but that feeling doesn't last but a day or two. One of my docs thinks I should be taking something for it and wrote me an Rx for Paxcil but I haven't filled it. I really don't think I need another medication of any kind.

My sight problems still are giving me fits and I wonder if I should continue to spend time, effort and money on photography. - another reason to be depressed. That and the 50% two-year survival rate I was told I am facing is another reason. Even with all these new unpleasant things I struggle forward. Yes, I've thought about taking my favorite pistol and using it to end my life and stop the misery I cannot yet do this.

It's the love for my wife and my love of creating photographic art that keeps me going. Sue is my support. She is much stronger than I and she is always there for me. I only hope I can be there for her too.

We did attempt to sell some framed photos at an antique market last weekend but the traffic there was very slow. Even the regular vendors said it was much less traffic there than normal. We sold a photo-canvas and several sets of note cards on Friday but had no sales the rest of the weekend. I made just enough to pay for the space and the food we ate.

We have decided to give it another try in June and maybe again in the Fall so we'll see how it goes. We did have people asking if we would be there next month - go figure what that means.

The photos are of our little booth at the Lakewood 400 Antique Market. This coming month of June we will be in space B-52 (hope that doesn't mean we'll bomb) It's the 3rd weekend of the month so come visit if you're near by and have the time


At 2:44 AM, Blogger talj said...

Dear Mark, {{{HUGS}}} to you and Sue xx I can totally understand your thoughts on the whole depression situation and although my health troubles and personal problems this past 2 years are totally different to yours, I too have had days when I could easily have 'packed it all in'. My doctor was very understanding and when I said I felt I had every reason to have 'down' days due to events he said I was right and that he didn't feel it was 'depression' just one person struggling to come to terms with the events occuring in her life.

I hope that you keep gaining strength from Sue and that in June your sale of prints goes fantastically well! :o)

With love,


At 9:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congradulations on the print sales. You think it isn't much but I have done shows where I didn't sell anything at all.

Uncle charlie

At 3:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My job is not photography, but I got a lot of problems with my job (I am teacher), so that I have very bad days too. I would I liked to be a musician or an artist, but I went to a job where I'm sure to earn money every month, so that I develop my artistic side on holidays or at week-end. But I'm still at the age of 56 studying to go higher in my job. There are so many photographs nowadays (with digital cameras it is now easy to make good photos) and there are a lot of photos on the web, so that to to become a photograph is not very easy, also the photo shops claim that they sell not so much like before in cause of the digital cameras because people can put a lot of photo for almost no money on their computer and photograh paper is now sold in supermarket. In France, they photograph weddings at Saturday to get money. To open a foto-shop and make wedding photos or to have another job and have photography as leisure is the best for a photograph.


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