Thursday, April 26, 2007

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Now You See 'Em... Now You Don't


Yes, once again I've had the same vision problems again. Things seemed to be getting better as my vision had improved to nearly normal (for almost a week) when it was lost again. I've been unable to read or write without much trouble for some time now. This is the 1st time I've attempted to write in a couple of weeks. This episode came just before my 48th birthday and was not a welcome gift. Sue has been out of town all but 4 days the last two weeks and has been reading most of my e-mail to me until recently. This is the reason for a lack of post and responses on my part, sorry.

It seems this condition is prone to repeating itself quite often and without warning - one moment you can see - the next the world's a blur. The solution is to get contacts to protect the outer layers of the cornea from sticking to the eyelids. I get the first trial pair this week if all continues to go well. these are contacts you wear for a couple of weeks then dispose of for a new set. I can only hope this takes care of the problem.

My other birthday surprise was a trip via ambulance to the emergency room for a possible heart attack last Friday. All in all, quite a weekend. I went today for a nuclear stress test. (no results yet) I go Tuesday for an echo-stress test. Maybe then we'll know what happened and what's going on inside.

Sue comes home tomorrow night and leaves again very early Monday morning but gets back Wednesday afternoon. She is taking that Friday off and we are having a yard sale that weekend (lots of stuff to get rid of).

Miss Kitty is holding her own. She is still having some trouble but overall seems improved. She is eating more like a horse than a cat, begging for food at every meal and of course - she gets what she wants!
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Photo for Today - Some Spring flowers I was testing a new lens here. The full size looks really nice


At 5:52 AM, Blogger talj said...

Hi Mark, so very sorry to hear about your vision problems but pleased that you will collect the contacts and hopefully this will really help!

Also sorry to read about the possible heart attack! I really hope that all the tests go well and that the results prove it to be nothing serious!

What a lovely photo today! I really like all the different colours and the tightly packed frame works so well.

Take care {{HUGS}} - Natalya


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