Tuesday, March 27, 2007

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UPDATE - Miss Kitty & More

Miss Kitty sends her thanks to everyone who is thinking about her and sent her well wishes. After another trip to the vet today she seems even more like the kitty we know and love. She ate an entire batch of homemade chicken salad (intended for me) over a two-day period. (I got 2 sandwiches out of it) Everyone was so generous giving out my chicken salad (including me) that I ended up with very little. I’ll have to ask Mom to make another batch – hers is the best!

Miss Kitty is very alert and playful now which is a dramatic change from just a few days ago. I wish it were that way with me too. I’ve been feeling really lousy the past few days. My old friend (NOT) diarrhea has been paying me a visit every couple of days. I know this is not a pretty subject and may be crossing the line of good decorum but I know I’m not the only one on dialysis who struggles with this issue.

To me this is the most humiliating thing to happen. It seems to have a mind of it’s own coming on without or very little warning. Usually I can make it to the proper facilities but sometimes not as yesterday in the truck on the way home from the store. (Thank God I made it out of the store) Here I am, a grown man and I shit myself. It’s the worst feeling – like I said earlier humiliating and depressing. The doctors have giving me something like Rx-Imodium but it only works about half the time. I’ll go a few days and I’m fine and then there will be a couple of days that I’m afraid to leave the house for fear of an “incident”. That really SUCKS!

On a happier note I gave myself an early birthday gift this week. With Sue’s blessing I bought some new camera equipment. A Nikon D80 –10.2 mega-pixel camera and three fast f2.8 lenses. A 18mm- 50mm macro zoom, a 50mm -150 mm zoom and a 70mm dedicated macro.
This will help with my style of photography and produce a finer quality file size for really large photos. Now I have just to sell the Minolta 5D and its lenses (Tamron 11mm -18mm zoom, Tamron 70mm - 300mm zoom and Sigma 50mm macro) and all the other accessories. If anybody out there is interested drop me a line. There were only used about 7 months.

Thanks for reading and praying for Miss Kitty,
-Mark & Sue

Photo - What we had for dinner tonight grilled with onions, garlic, yellow squash, zucchini with beef and pork strips.


At 12:47 AM, Blogger AB said...

Happy early birthday, and congratulations on your new gear! Hope you enjoy it very, very much.

How do you rate the Tamron 11-18mm? My mom has a Sony Alpha that takes KM mount lenses, and really wants a wide-angle. Trying to find out which would be a good one for her, not too pricey.

Sorry to read about your recent trouble - hope you feel better soon. Glad Miss Kitty is better!!!

Anna :)

At 6:27 AM, Blogger Gudl said...

I am glad to hear that Miss Kitty is doing so much better. That is great!
I am sorry to hear about your bowel. Actually, it sounds a lot like IBS to me (irritable bowel syndrom) and a lot of people have it.
Actually I had it, too, for a while. It also has to do with mental stress. So don't feel too bad about it. Other people just don't talk about it.
I will pray for you that this will get better again.

At 8:36 PM, Blogger Pat said...

Hi Mark...

I've been under the weather myself lately so haven't caught up with the blogs. Yours is the first I've read today.

Jack used to have the same problem. It's horrible but you must not worry as sometimes that even brings it on. I always made sure that the little emergency bag in the car had a couple of pairs of undies in it for him.

THinking of you all the time, Mark!

{{{{Hugs to you and Sue}}}}


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