Friday, March 30, 2007

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Miss Kitty - UPDATE #2


Just a quick note on Miss Kitty. She went to the vet again today and got her last treatment.(we hope) Her white count is back to normal and all her kidney functions are wthin the normal range for a cat her age except her B U N. It was 40 - a little high but that's down from 72 after just a few treatments. The vet thinks that too will be normal in a week or two. She will have to go back in a month for blood work to make sure everything did return to normal.

My Mom made another batch of chicken salad this evening but I'm not sure if it's for me (I did ask for another) or Miss Kitty. I'm sure she'll get more yhan her fair share again!

It's 2:01 right now and I'm up blogging because once again sleep evades me. We went to bed a little after 19 tonight but I was back up by 1:15 tossing and turning so I got up and ended up here as always in front of the computer. I thoufgt I might work on updating my web site some. It's beenquite a while since I did much on it. Not being able to see really puts a dampper on things you need to do. I didn't do much though, just updated the featured photo page. I'll have to get back to it this weekend if the weather isn't all that good.

I did manage to take my first photos with my new camera but haven;t downloaded them into the computer yet. I'll wait untill I have more to download.

It's been very warm here lately about 17F above the norm and the pollen count is the highest it's ever been according to the TV weather people. It has not rained here in more than a month and this early pollen has coated everything sitting outside. My nose has been dripping for the last two days and this doesn't usually happen to me. Sue's watery eyes are about over because the Bradford Pears have just about finished blooming here.

That's all for now and thanks for stopping by


Photo Today - Another shot and treatment of the covered bridge at Stone Mountain. The bridge was also known as Effie's Bridge when it originally located in Clark Co, GA, It was built in 1891 is 151 feet long and spanned the Oconee River near Athens.


At 1:48 PM, Blogger talj said...

Another lovely shot Mark! Glad to hear Miss Kitty has had her last treatment, hope all is well when she returns for her blood work.

I too suffer from disturbed sleep due to illness and an overactive brain I think!! I hope you manage a goodnight soon :o)


At 9:23 PM, Blogger wendela said...

Hi, Mark,
I've been away and see I have missed out on much that's been going on. The bird pics are nice. Did you ever find out if that one was some sort of sparrow or what? I've never seen one like that (nor do we have painted buntings here. Very pretty).

I'm sorry to hear about your eyesight (what a weird thing to happen)but awfully glad it's getting better. And Miss Kitty- I had no idea! I am sooo happy she was able to get help. She must be quite a strong gal for 20 and going through all that! Good to see you're on your blog again. Hugs and prayers to you, Sue and Miss Kitty. :)

At 8:42 PM, Blogger Pat said...

Hi Mark...

I don't sleep well at all at night and in front of the computer is where I sit as well.

And it's in the night that I often think of you and Sue and pray for you.

My thoughts are with you often during the day.

Have you heard of anything at all about a transplant? Are you on the list? Do you carry around a little "monitor" (that's not the right word) in case you are called?

Talk soon,




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