Tuesday, April 17, 2007

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Like a Kid's Game......Maybe I Shouldn't Play

By - FPG

Just when things seem to be going better- WHAM! – It hits you and knocks you back down. I guess it might also compare to playing a children’s board game. You roil the dice and get a six only to land on move back three spaces but this isn’t a game – it’s real life, my life.
This wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t my eye- sight again.

The last few days have been too blurry to read or write anything. Sue has had to help me by reading things and writing the bills. I’m writing this now using Word with 16 pt type and thick Coke bottle type glasses. (Does anyone remember Coke-cola in bottles?) I guess I’m showing a little age there. That’s another thing to deal with this week-age. I’m going to add another year to my old, tired, worn-out body. For some reason I just don’t feel much like celebration. My ability to walk without a walker still eludes me and so far my PT sessions haven’t helped much, actually just the opposite; I now have a wound area on my right stump where my artificial limb rubbed. I’m showing my age again as I was corrected in PT – they’re now called “residual limbs” Funny because it still looks and feels like a stump to me.

Sue will be getting up in a few hours around 4:30 this morning so she can catch her flight to Minneapolis for a meeting. It’s only for one night so she’ll be home in time for my birthday. That’s the only bright spot.

I did manage to finish my taxes on time because I did most of them before the latest eye troubles. It was a break-even deal, no huge refunds here! We must be doing something wrong.
On a final and unhappy note, Miss Kitty is once again not doing well and has appointment this afternoon with the vet. Poor little thing, she was doing so much better then like me three spaces back.(Oh, I’m know as Daddy Kitty and Sue is Mama Kitty - MK is Baby Kitty). I’ll let you know how things go there
As always, thanks for reading.
PHOTO TODAY - This is a guest photo. This is a beautiful North Carolina sunrise he shot and e-mailed me.


At 7:58 AM, Blogger talj said...

Hi Mark,

So sorry to read you are having trouble with your eyesight again. I really hope that this doesn't last too long for you. Sending {{{HUGS}}} from the UK and hoping things pick up for you and Miss Kitty.

The photo is lovely!! I wish I could get up early enough to photograph the sunrise!

All the best,

Natalya :o)

At 9:11 AM, Blogger Pat said...


Listen Here

Hope you have a lovely day! On the Cafe if you look in today, there will be some greetings for you in the Coffee Counter.

Thinking of you all the time, Mark!



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