Wednesday, June 13, 2007

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The Clock is Ticking


It seems like it is always about time. It's not the right time or we don't have enough time. The doctors have given me a 50% chance of two more years. More than two years will be bonus time. I look forward to beating those odds and making it to at least 55 and taht's SEVEN more years.

My eyes are still giving me fits. Some day are OK, others are abysmal and now come with migraine-like headaches the likes I've never experienced before. Miss Kitty and I are much alike. We are both holding our own having both some good days and more often so-so days with occasional BAD days.

My dialysis time has changed again so they can accommodate new people. It's a little later, from 7 to 11 am on Tue, Thur & Sat. I have finally graduated to their largest needles which means more blood can be cleaned during my four hours. During my last treatment they cleaned 107 liters of my blood. This will hopefully lead to better numbers and eventually shorter times.

I got two photos into a jurried show at a small local art gallery last week - nothing big but at least it's some exposure. I've been working on getting things ready for the upcoming sale at the antique market this weekend ( Fri, Sat & Sun) but still have a way to go. I have some new images and replaced the few that sold last time. I'm hoping this time we'll do better.

It's been great! Sue has been home for two weeks straight. It's so good to be with her. Next week she's on the go again but she (as of now) has no out of town plans in August. I think we'll try to take a couple of 2 to 3 day outings to places we've been wanting to see. ( Mainly the Blue Ridge Parkway and Galloway Gardens).

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Photo - Just something I saw.


At 5:30 PM, Blogger talj said...

Dear Mark, this shot is so pretty with a lovely depth of field!

I am with you on beating those odds Mark, I KNOW you can!

Last year I was given some advice about doctors statistics that stuck with me...

When you look at an average, a bell curve, there are always those that are called "the tail ends". The top part of the bell curve, is what is most common (the average) for most people. BUT there are always figures out on the ends of the bell curve. These are people that don't fit the statistics.

Doctors often try to make you a number, and just tell you what the average is. BUT, no one is a number. We don't know if we will fall into the average that the doctors expect, or are out at the tail end of the bell curve. WE ALL should have hope that we are not the average. HOPE gives us excitement about the future.

I hope that you too can take some comfort from these helped to give me the fight inside that I needed to over come what was happening in my life at the time.

I hope that the sale goes well for you over the weekend, you certainly have some really beautiful images and hopefully the place will be busier this time!

I also hope that you and Sue get to have a few days out in August, I know it will do you so much good to be able to do something a little different.

{{{HUGS}}} to you and Sue xx

At 12:13 AM, Blogger linda said...

Mark, your photographs are wonderful! Linda


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