Thursday, March 30, 2006

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My left hand last Sunday

Photographed 3/06

Since last Sunday I've got more bruised areas and bleeding on my hand. I didn't get any results from today's test. The test consisted of putting a tiny blood pressure cuff on each finger to get the readings for them. It took about twenty minutes for the test. The drive down there near lunch time took almost an hour,

It looks like it'll be Monday before I find anything out. More time to wait and worry. I'm really trying hard not to think about it but, there it is right in front of me all the time. My hand is some what weaker too and I can no longer close it fully. When I know something I'll post it.

Photo for today is a stone church I found interesting in Calhoon, GA. I liked the look of the stone.
Stone Church

Photographed 3/06


At 6:53 PM, Blogger Me said...

Oh Mark, I hope things get easier soon, and you have some explanation regarding your hand.
I am lost at what platitude I can write - they all seem inadequate.
So, you remain in my thoughts.


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