Monday, April 10, 2006

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New Time, Same Place

Barn in B&W and Color

Photographed 3/06

Things are always changing. My surgery set for Wednesday has now been moved to tomorrow. I found this out when I called to confirm the time to be there on Wednesday. That’s actually good because I don’t have to change my dialysis appointment now.

Sue flew off to Denver this morning. She and the sales rep are meeting with the world’s largest manufacturer of provolone cheese. She is there to help one group with hydrocolloids and tomorrow it’s another group with lecithin questions.

After that it’s home for the night and on to Minneapolis the next afternoon to meet with the people at Cargil headquarters for a couple of days.

I’ve put a new link on my site to Karen’s Place. She’s a photography friend I met at the Porter’s Board site. She too lives in the Atlanta area and has some wonderful images. I’m sure she’ll be posting some on her blog very soon. So take a look and welcome her to blogging. at

Speaking of Porter’s, I have become a little disappointed with them lately. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a great site but, lately I haven’t received much response to photos I’ve posted there. It seems that if you’re a new member you garner a lot of attention but if you’re an older member they don’t have time for you anymore. It’s that or I somehow have managed to offend some of the others but, I don’t think I did. Oh well, it must just be me.

Photo for today another old barn with color added in Photoshop.


At 1:12 AM, Blogger wendela said...

Hi, Mark,

Nice, what you did in Photoshop.

All the very best to you for your Tuesday surgery. Let us know how you're doing when you're up to it!

At 3:54 AM, Blogger Ggraph said...

Thanks Wendela, and I really love that new look. lol


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