Wednesday, September 19, 2007

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Seems Like Forever!

Poole's Mill Bridge

It does seem like forever since I last posted anything. i've been here, just unable to see to read and write until today. My eyesight has returned somewhat. Its still weak. I oftsn have to rest my eyes and anything outside in bright light is out of the question for now. The Doc says it may be 6 more months before we'll know if this new medicine is really working, so until then I've got my fingers crossed.

Still missing Miss Kitty. Both Sue & I sometimes "feel" her jump up on the bed at night or expect to see her tucked on the blanket on the sofa.

Sue is well - out of town as usual on business. She'll be goneb3out oe 4 weeks in October too. So much for less travel with this job.

My eyes are beginning to tire so this will be a short one.

Thanks as always for reading and sending your comments - Mark