Friday, March 31, 2006

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Blog Suspended

I just found out, I'm being hospitalized for a high fever. I'll be leaving as soon as Sue gets home

Thursday, March 30, 2006

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CITY PHOTO - Resaca, Georgia

Town Hall

Photographed 3/06

This was one of those images you couldn't pass up. It's a photo of the town hall of Resaca, Georgia. It's located about three miles west of Calhoon. I saw it as we passed by and made Sue turn around just to take another look.

Resaca, like Calhoon has experienced tremendous growth over the last few years. It's population has increased almost ten fold and now the old city hall is making way for a new more modern version, yet to be built. This type of structure was quite common in many of the small towns in Georgia
A Closer View

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My left hand last Sunday

Photographed 3/06

Since last Sunday I've got more bruised areas and bleeding on my hand. I didn't get any results from today's test. The test consisted of putting a tiny blood pressure cuff on each finger to get the readings for them. It took about twenty minutes for the test. The drive down there near lunch time took almost an hour,

It looks like it'll be Monday before I find anything out. More time to wait and worry. I'm really trying hard not to think about it but, there it is right in front of me all the time. My hand is some what weaker too and I can no longer close it fully. When I know something I'll post it.

Photo for today is a stone church I found interesting in Calhoon, GA. I liked the look of the stone.
Stone Church

Photographed 3/06

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

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Time Spent Waiting

Old Barn IX

Photographed 3/06

Time can be such a cruel creature in many ways. For me it's the time waiting to find out what will happen with my hand.

There's time apart. Sue leaves today for Manhattan, Kansas. She is teaching a short course on the effects and properties of lecithin in baked goods at AIB. So we'll be apart for a few days.

There the "ravages of time" which we all suffer like the old barn above. What about idle time, that seems to cause so much trouble for teens and the thing manufactures fear greatly.
You very often hear people say "time is a friend to no one". So why do we try to find more time or make time? We always wish we had more time left. This time thing is a confusing concept to pin down. I guess the best thing to do is not to spend too much time worrying about it. You just have to do the best you can with the time you have.

The photo for today is in the Old Barn Series. It's a barn I found on our trip to Calhoon. I photographed several barns which I will post from time to time.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

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CITY PHOTO - Everyday Life

The Post Office

These are three of the places in Cumming I visit on a regular basis. Not glamorous or interesting but, a part of everyday life in the city of Cumming, Georgia.
Pet'smart - Miss Kitty's favorite store

A pet supply super store. They've got just about anything you or your pet could ever want.

My Bank

The place where I keep my meager funds. They're nice people. They still give suckers to kids and on some Saturdays they serve bagels,pastries and coffee to their customers. All this and they pay the best interest of all the banks around.

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Sorry, I’m a little late in getting this post up but, I was [n the bathroom sick all night.(not related to my hand) The news, well the news is more test – what else!
Thursday I’m to report to the hospital for a test to measure the blood pressures in my fingers. Then it’s a follow up with the doc on Monday so he can tell me what all this means.

A Red Barn for pierre

Photographed 3/06

There is a diminished blood flow to my hand and the most likely course of action is to put a band on the fistula to narrow a bit. This would restore some of the flow to the hand. The bad news – more surgery and another hospitalization. The good news – I might save the use of my hand.

Monday, March 27, 2006

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Waiting for the News

Another North Georgia Barn in B&W

Photographed - 3/06

Yes, I'm up early today. This is the day I find out what's going on with my left hand. It seems to have held its own over the weekend (no better, no worse). I tried to exercise it a lot. I hope it did some good.

Sue is taking this morning off to go with me to the doctor. Then after that it's back to work for her and on to dialysis for me. It's going to be another full day for both of us.

I'm hoping this does not mean a hospital stay but, I'm not too optimistic about that. I need to stop worrying about it and just take it as it comes. That's easier said than done. It's the reason I'm up so early today.

When I find out the verdict, I'll post it here this evening for my friends and those of you who have been following this account. Sorry, I'm not a more dynamic writer but, if I were I'd be writing novels and making a ton of money! lol Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read my ranting.

The photo today is a North Georgia barn I photographed this past weekend. A continuation of the series of old barns and homeplaces I've come across while I meander through the countryside. I want to thank Sue for all her help with this. Without her help it would not be possible.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

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City Photo - Lake Lanier

Lake Lanier

Photographed - 3/06

About 40 minutes north of Atlanta lies the southern end of Lake Lanier and Buford Dam.
Congress first authorized the construction of Buford Dam in 1946 as a part of the development of the nation's waterways.

The funds for the construction were secured latein 1949 as part of a multi-million dollar public works program. Congress set aside $750'000.00. This money was used to complete the initial planning and design phases of the project such as the powerhouse design and for the start of construction. The ground breaking was held on the Gwinnett County side of the future dam site on March 1, 1950.

Lake Lanier today serves as a major drinking water supply for Atlanta and other communities in the area. The lake is also one of the largest recreational resources in metro Atlanta. It offers boating and fishing as well as all other watercraft sports.

Cherry Tree in Bloom on Buford Dam

Photographed - 3/06

There were 43 parks around the lake that The Corp of Army Engineers operates (some are due to be closed due to budget cutbacks this year). They offer camping and picnic facilities. There's also a number of state and county parks surrounding the lake. There are several public and private marinas on the lake that offer docking and watercraft rentals. The lake also supports a thriving number of charter fishing guide services.
The Chattahoocheee River

Photographed - 3/06

This is a view of the river from Buford Dam
Road which runs along the top of the earthen dam. This roadway serves to connect the east and west sides of the lake. The next crossing is via a bridge about five miles to the north. In the photo you can see a small parking area below the dam. It's very popular with fishermen and picnicers.

The River Downstream

Photographed - 3/06

The water coming from the dam is cold enough to support native trout.The river is also stocked by a fishery that lies about a mile downstream from this point. Brown, Brook and Rainbow trout draw the fishermen to this part of the river. We live only about two miles south or here, so the lake and river are very close by.

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City Photo - Calhoon


Photographed - 3/06

This is a continuation of interesting places to visit near Atlanta. Today we're in Calhoun, Georgia. Calhoun is a little less than an hour north of Atlanta on I-75 north. I must admit I knew very little about this town but found several interesting spots here. This arch is a marker showing Calhoun as a gateway to the western territories in the early 1800's. There are many stone structures here as the quarry is near by.

Trail of Tears Monument

Photographed - 3/06

This is a memorial marking "The Trail of Tears" . This was the forcible relocation of men, women and children of the Cherokee Nation to Oklahoma in the late 1830's. It's estimated that 2,000 died in the forced march west. It's a very sad chapter in American history This "relocation" was spurred on by the immigration of Europeans into the area. The discovery of gold in 1830 brought an influx of the "white man" into the Cherokee's territory.
First Confederate Civil way cemetery

Photographed - 3/06

Driving thru town, we saw a small marker about a Confederate cemetery. This is what we found. It's the first Confederate Civil War cemetery established in Georgia by the daughters of the Confederacy. It's quietly tucked off the main roadway on a small side road. The grounds seemed well kept and there are quite a few veterans resting here.
The Confederate Battle Flag

Photographed - 3/06

This is one of the few places you'll see the Confederate flag flown in Georgia. In fact, with all the "political correctness" trend I'm surprised to see it at all. At least here they haven't bought into all that foolishness when it comes to matters as solemn as this.

Confederate Unkown Soldier Memorial

Photographed - 3/06

This cross serves as a memorial to the Confederate Unknown Soldiers killed during the war. This area of Georgia lost many fathers and sons in this bloody conflict between the states.

cemetery in B&W

Photographed - 3/06

I thought a black and white photograph of this quiet, somber place seemed a little more fitting.

Friday, March 24, 2006

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Biting the Hand That Feeds You

The Return of Spring

This little guy is early or late (it was so warm last week). He's our first this season.

Photographed - 3/06

Every time it seems like things are starting to go smoothly for me, WHAM! I'm hit square in the face with another problem. This time it's the fistula they put in my left arm. Because of the fistula the blood flow to my hand has been diminished somewhat. It may be to the point I'll lose the use of my left hand.

When I woke up a few days ago, I noticed what appeared to be some bleeding around the joints of my fingers and knuckles from cracked dry skin. That was not unusual. I've suffered from dry skin in the winter before. Today, however, my hand and all my fingers are covered with what appears to be small bruises and scabs. My joints are stiff and I cannot fully close my hand.

I 've got an appointment with the surgeon Monday morning for him to take a look at it. I just can't believe this, another setback or maybe worse. I hope there's something that can be done. I sure can't afford to lose my hand. I'm scared of what he's going to tell me. I just can't take any more of these problems. I still have not fully recovered from all my time in the hospital and now this on top of it all. It's just too much for my mind to bear.

Depression is trying to take hold again. I'm working to fight it off. We're going for a drive towards Chattanooga tomorrow so I can look for some old barns and other things to photograph. Maybe that will take my mind off of these new problems. As I sit here and type, my hand is starting to tingle slightly, like when you hand falls asleep. I'm afraid, I fear the outcome of this not to be a happy one.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

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Why do we struggle against the odds? Is it an inherent trait among humans? No, it's seen in many other species too. The salmon that swim upstream to spawn and die along its banks. Birds and butterflies that migrate thousands of miles with each changing of the season.

It's the will to survive that we all share. The instinct in us has been tamed by socialization and an easier lifestyle. If push comes to shove, however. We humans can push with the best of them. It's universal, it's the same with all ethnic groups and all religions.

The Magical Hummingbird travels thousands
of miles each season.

I do not know what makes this way, most likely it's in our genes. It's self preservation. I'm glad it's there. It keeps me going. I have gotten so depressed at times with things that I've had my pistol out and ready but, that gene kicks in and I shove those thoughts out of my head. I'm not ready to quit yet. There's more in life I want to do and I will given the chance.

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City Photo - Vogel State Park

Fall Color at Vogel State Park

Photographed 8/05

Vogel is Georgia's second oldest state park and is located at the foot of Blood Mountain. It was built by the Created by the Civilian Conservation Corps during the Great Depression of the 1930's.

Cabin at Vogel

The park has a 20-acre lake , created when the Corps dammed Wolf Creek.
The park is great for camping, but sometimes hard to get a space due to its popularity.
This is just another popular spot for a weekend get-away from Atlanta. It's about an hour and twenty minutes from the northern suburbs.
Vogle State Park is located just eleven miles south of Blairsville on U.S. 19/129.

Phone: (706)745-2628

The address is Vogel State Park, Blairsville, Georgia,30512

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The Blue Funk


The blue funk, that was a favorite term of a friend of mine that worked at the newspaper with me. Yesterday I was in a blue funk. When I got up I didn't feel very well. It was nothing particular, just an overall " I don't feel good" I really wanted to go back to bed and sleep the day away but, I knew that was impossible it was a dialysis day.

Sue fixed me some toast before she left for work but, I wasn't really hungry. I nibbled at it and after a couple of hours I managed to finish two pieces of it. Mostly I lay in bed, resting and watching TV. I made my way into the kitchen about 11:30 and heated up leftovers for lunch. By this time I was feeling a little better. That was until I saw the stack of bills that I needed to pay. It was the usual monthly bills plus a mountain of doctor and lab bills.

The thing about these bills is I never even saw half of the doctors. They might have spent two minutes looking at an x-ray or some test results but, sure enough, long enough to bill you several hundred dollars which they say is past due. That's odd considering it's the first statement you've received, Then when you take a closer look, it's from a procedure you had done 6 months ago. It says you insurance has not paid and you are responsible for the balance. Now you have to go look up insurance EOB's to find out why they didn't pay. Oh. Yes right there it is. They are waiting on more information from the doctor before they pay. Before long, I have a headache and it's time to go to dialysis.

It seems like for me life, even the simple things, has become a struggle. At times I have trouble holding my head above the ever rising waters of life. I feel it might be easier to let go and slip under but, each time I struggle back to the surface.

As most of you know, we have had problems uploading photos the last few days. I had some more photos for the Turner Field post that I'll try to put up later today.
First I have to work on some bills and if my head doesn't explode I post them.
Have a good day! I'll try to also.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

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Posting photos over the last few days has become a real pain. Most of the time they will not load and then sometimes it will take one but, not the others. This means having to go back several times to try to get your post up. I hope they get this bug worked out soon. it looks like no photos for today.

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City Photo - Turner Field

Turner Field - Home of the Atlanta Braves

The weather is still crappy, so some more older pictures for today. This is the entrance to Turner Field in downtown Atlanta. It's a baseball only facility that replaced the old Fulton County stadium where the Braves, Falcons and Apollos(short lived soccer) teams played. It is a truly beautiful place for a baseball game.

Outside Turner Field

The baseballs with advertising slogans were once used as a promotion and were being stored in a shopping center parking lot. Somebody had the great idea to bring them here. For what reason, nobody's quite sure.

The Chop House at Turner Field
The Chop House is a great place to go before or during the game to eat. They offer more than just your normal "ball park" type fare. Steaks, chops and bar-b-que highlight their menu. It's a favorite to sit and relax while enjoying a pitcher of beer and watching the game.

Monday, March 20, 2006

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City Photo - The Fair in Cumming

Cumming Fair Grounds

Photographed - 9/05

Sorry, I had to use an older photograph for today's post. The weather is just dreadful here. It's been raining all day. The rain gauge on our deck shows a little more than an inch and a half so far. The rain is bad enough but, together with the temperature (36 F) it was to messy for me to be out.

This is a shot of the Forsyth County Fair at the Cumming fair grounds, It's a big deal here for a week in September every year. There are rides, food, shows and vendors selling their wares for people to see. It draws a big crowd each year, There are many festivals like this in the fall throughout the United States. They came about originally as a celebration of the fall harvest. People would bring their prize fruits, vegetables, cakes, pies and livestock to exhibit and sell. This part still continues today but, to a lesser degree.

I hope for better weather tomorrow, Have a good evening.

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A Memorial

Stone Chimney

Photographed - 3/18/06

This old chimney serves as a memorial to the people who built and lived in this house. It's the only part strong enough to withstand the tests of time and nature,

What will I leave behind as my memorial? Will it be able to stand against the test of time? Will people remember me - does it even matter? Maybe what others think of you is important now but, when you're dead - give me a break! You will not know what others think of you and at that point you will not care either.

What's the point to all this? The point is to be good to all your friends and everyone you meet now and all the time. You might not get a second chance or have the luxury of time to start later on. Your friendship and kindness will be your memorial that will stand the test of time.

On another topic, my City Photo for today may be changed due to nasty rainy weather. I don;t want to stand out in the rain today. If it slows down a bit, then maybe I'll get something. If not it'll be some old Atlanta shots.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

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Daily City Photo - Interesting Things to See Near Atlanta

Watson's Mill Bridge

Photographed - 3/18/06

This is a series of photographs taken on our trip to Watson's Mill Bridge State Park in Comer, GA. The bridge was constructed in 1895, thirty years after the Civil War. Today, it remains the longest covered bridge in the state. The amazing fact is that it's still in use today spanning the South Fork River.
Down Stream View
The park lies a little more than an hour east north east of Atlanta, about 45 minutes from my home. It's very popular for picnics and cookouts with its tables and grills. There are many scenic spots for the photographer to shoot from. Sorry, but my selections were limited by my lack of mobility. It's really a beautiful and peaceful

Up Stream View

There is much wildlife in the area too. Several deer ran across in front of our car (camera in backseat of course).

I thought I would try to get photos of places people like to visit within about an hours drive of Atlanta. I will continue with this series from time to time as time permits.

Tomorrow will be focused on things in everyday life around here in Cumming, Ga.
Rocks & Roots

Until then, please enjoy a couple more images from Watson's Mill. Oh, I should have told you, there is nothing left of the old mill except the dam just below the bridge. Too bad it didn't survive the test of time.

Covered Bridge - panoramic View

This last photo of the bridge was stiched together with a program called "Panorama Maker 3". Isn't digital photography just wonderful. In a few minutes I've done what would have taken many hours or even impossible to do with a film camera.

Wish everyone a great start to the new week ahead!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

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POWER - Do We Have Any?


Photographed - 3/16/06 photoshop applied

Do we have the power to change our fate with mere thoughts? Can we improve our health through positive bio feedback? These questions have no absolute answers but, many feel we can influence in not outright change these things, I for one believe it to be true. I can actually feel better if I put my mind to it and it shows up on lab test results for me. I don't think you can change things but you can put a positive influence upon them. That's about the best we can hope for. What do you think about this? Leave me your comments on the subject.

Photographed - 3/18/06

Spring is here at my home. Yesterday our cherry tree burst into bloom. Overnight it went from buds to full bloom. Our jasmine is also in bloom. It fills the air with the lightest sweet scent. Everything is returning to its green state. Even our hummingbirds are back. I'll need to get the feeders back up this week.

Cherry Blossoms

Photographed - 3/18/06

For Denton

Tomorrow, some photos from our trip to Watson's Mill State Park. It has the state's longest covered bridge at just over 200 feet. What's more is it's still in use!

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CITY PHOTO - Athens, Georgia

The Arch

The arch at The University of Georgia, old campus

Photographed 3/18/06

This is the entrance to the old campus of the University of Georgia in Athens , Georgia It's the oldest public land grant university in the United States. It was here as students where Sue and I met. Athens is less than 40 minutes from Atlanta and less than 30 minutes from my home.

The Double Cannon

Photographed - 3/18/06

What seemed like a good idea on paper. This Civil War era cannon turned out not so good in reality. Fired only once in a test against a stand of trees, the cannon failed miserably. The idea was a chain attached to the two cannon balls would act like a sickle cutting down the enemy in their tracks. Both barrels couldn't be timed to fire at the same time, The result was one projectile pulled the other wildly off to one side almost killing the observers, It now resides at the City Hall.

Friday, March 17, 2006

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Destination Unknown


Photographed 11/05 Train tracks that run through the center of small town of Bufford, Georgia

Where are we headed and when will we get there? I guess from time to time we all ask ourselves this question. I know I have been asking it quite a bit lately. Still I've found no answers. I feel like I'm on a track just polling along, not sure where I'm headed or if I'll even make it to the next stop. Is it the end of the line for me? I'm not sure all I can do is keep moving and hope for the best.

I think we've decided to go to Watson's Mill State Park near Comer, Ga tomorrow. The park has the state's longest covered bridge. It should make for some nice photos. I shoot them in the 8 megapixal raw format In case I decide to make very large prints. Kodak on line had their large 20x40 posters on sale for half price last week. They did a really nice job on some floral images I sent week before last. If you sign up with them they'll give you 10 - 4x6 prints free.

This will also give us a chance to go through Athens, Ga. The home of The University of Georgia - GO DAWGS!! and the place where Sue and I met. It has changed greatly from the small college town we knew. A few old haunts are still there but, most are now gone. I'll try to get a few shots of things there, maybe the double barreled cannon for one or the tressle from the R E M album cover. I had graphic design classes with those guys. We used to listen to them for free at the old Stichcraft mill back then.

After that we'll just drive around some - destination unknown.

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Places for Work & Life

Office & Apartment Condos

Locally called the king and queen buildings these are two of Atlanta's hundreds of office/living mixed use condos. These condos boarder the Buckhead/ Alapharetta area. Someone wanting ad address here can expect to shell out about $250,000 to $300,000 for a one bedroom lower floor unit. A two bedroom jumps to $475,000+.
It's a great location, close to downtown and many activities but, you do pay for it. A two bedroom condo in a nice building in downtown Atlanta can easily run a $1,000,000 up to$3,000,000. A little more than my budget!
Table Flowers VII

Photographed 1/06

It's early Friday morning and I'm up unable to go back to sleep. This time it may be due to the fact I went to bed early so I got my usual short number of hours of sleep. My sleep cycle just ended at 4:30 am that's all.
It really would be nice to sleep a normal set of hours.

They're still predicting rain and much cooler weather this weekend so most outdoor activities are out. This includes my favorite, grilling out and outdoor photography. Maybe we can sneak a little in between rain showers. Sue had noticed some nice old barns on her drives to Peachtree City earlier this week.

I'll do some flower photography this morning with the flowers I picked up last night at the store. Then it'll be off to dialysis again. It's the never ending nightmare of my life. Mt right hand has become so dried out due to a combination of the weather and dialysis that's cracking, bleeding and hurts. Just chalk it up to another great side effect of this disease.

I started this morning taking a look at some of the Daily City Blogs. I'm trying to view a couple of new ones each day. I saw a really nice one from Boston, MA this morning. It had some really great photos that were very informative too. I enjoy seeing these areas and getting a little background information about them.

Well, it's about time for me to get up from this computer and fix some breakfast. Sue will be getting up soon and I'd like to have something ready if she wants something.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

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Heaven, Hell or in Between?

A Lily For Sue Photographed 1/06

Heaven or Hell, who really knows what awaits us after we slip our earthly bonds. Is it either of these two or as matter are we remolded into something or someone else only to return to an earthly existence? I have no answer to this question. Lately I've been pondering this question and others like it.

is the reaper really grim or should it be the "respectful reaper". Death might not be so bad in some instances. For those who are suffering or others who have lost all hope it might be a relief.

I have found myself questioning my existence. Why am I here? What's my purpose? What have I done in my life?Have I helped anyone? It seems I'm just not as happy as I once was. Oh, I have moments of sheer joy and happiness but they happen much less frequently than they used to. This makes the people I love sad and that's not what I want to do.

I'd like nothing more than to be happy and cheerful all the time and I set out to do that but, some little everyday things have become a struggle for me and this is the reason for my periods of unhappiness.

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not giving up yet. Still, I can't help but to think it might be easier on me and everyone else just to give up and lie down peacefully. I just can't do that yet. I still love life and Sue too much. I do long for the days when my body was whole - all parts still there and working. Days with no pain and worries to fret about. I used to be very outgoing and made friends easily but, my physical condition has caused me to withdrawal from activities where you meet a lot of people. I don't feel as comfortable with myself as I once did.

I'm sure my illness has caused Sue problems. She has stayed in jobs she really didn't care for so we would have insurance. She's turn down opportunities so we wouldn't have to move again and start all over finding doctors and care facilities. There's no question, I've held her back, yet she loves me with all her heart and I love her with all of mine. As I look back on our twenty years as husband and wife, it seems like only yesterday we we in front of the priest exchanging or vows.

Sue carries me on. She is always there for me trying to make me have a good day - making me as happy as I can be. She takes care of me and cleans up after me when I'm sick.

Sue's favorite flower is a lily. She carried them on our wedding day and I can still see them. They were almost as beautiful as she was that day. I remember someone told her they were too bright for a wedding. She just laughed and said"It's my wedding and I love them" and so with a bouquet of bright orange tiger lilies she glided down the aisle and into my life for ever.
the photo for today - a lily - what else.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

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Mom's Flowers

Stone Mountain Park

Much to cover today, first is my Daily City Photo. It's of the carving on the side of Stone Mountain. It's a memorial to the Confederate States of the American Civil War. The carving itself is what's amazing. It's hard to get a sense of its size even if viewing it in person. On one occasion, I think it was in the 1930's, a picnic table for 40 guests was placed on the shoulder of Robert E. Lee.(figure in foreground) The depth of the relief is deceiving. The park used to be owned and operated the state of Georgia. Operations were turned over to a private company about twenty years ago because of the cost of maintains the park. I think this was a huge mistake. The park lost it's charm and peaceful setting and became like a roadside tourist trap. If interested you can find out more on the park at:

Mom's Flowers I

These next three photos are of flowers from my Mom's garden. My dad was trying out the digital camera and printer we gave them at Christmas last year. Mom has always had many beautiful flowers for as long as I can remember. She really enjoys working in the garden whether it's flowers or vegetables she's happy.

Dad did a good job on the photos as a novice. lol He loves the computer and gadgets, so the camera was a great gift. He uses for photos of construction too. He teaches classes on residential building at the local college.

Mom's flowers II

As for me, I've had better days. I had trouble doing what used to be a simple task. Buttoning my shirt proved impossible for me. I have to wear a button style shirt on the days I go to dialysis so they can access my site. For now that's a main line just below my neck in my chest, It'll become a little easier once the fistula in my arm is ready to use. My dexterity has suffered from my diabetes, the long hospitalization and TIA (mini stroke). It;s so frustrating, I just want to scream! Besides all that my day was O.K. - not much different than any other day,

Mom's Flowers III

Sue's day wasn't much better. The meeting facilities were very nice but the traffic coming home was terrible. She measured the distance from our house and it was 72 miles. The speed limit is 70 MPH, so you would think it would take a little more than an hour. She left at three in the afternoon and didn't get home until 6:15 that evening. Now that's Atlanta traffic. She has got to go back today too. She is leaving at 6:00 AM just to be sure she's there at a reasonable time. It means she will get up around 5:15 AM to shower and dress.

The weather prediction for this weekend calls for crappy conditions - cold and rain with little sunshine. I don't know what we'll do. Usually we try to get out and take a little ride so I can look for things to photograph. I'm always looking for old barns but they are getting harder to find. I sure we'll find something but I guess grilling out is off too.

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Change - It Never Rest

Atlanta - City Skyline
The city as seen from the I-75/85 interstate that run thru the city. By the way, it's NOT rush hour

Photographed - 12/23/05

As much as I didn't want to do this, I'm adding word verification to allow comments. Some how the spam mailers have found this site and I don't need a new mortgage, cheap camera or anything else from these people. I know there just trying to make a living but if I need any of that crap I'll go look for it.

My friend, Kris from Fotothing sent me the info on a site about a community of city blogs. After viewing it and seeing how interesting it was, I decide to try to join.

I want to thank Denton Harryman for putting my blog on his site. It's a very interesting site with photoblogs from different people and cities from around the globe. Please check it out at: or Harry's and Connie's own blog about city life in Greenville, South Carolina at: I sure you'll enjoy seeing and learning about all the great places people are living in. I will add them as a link too.

Each day now I'll be trying include a photo from around the Atlanta area or the small city of Cumming, Ga where we live. Cumming is located about 30 minutes north of Atlanta and less than a mile from Bufford Dam on Lake Lanier.

It's another beautiful day here. It's very sunny, not quite as warm as yesterday (74 F today 82 F yesterday). They're calling for a cool down and rain later in the week. Spring is here for now and very welcome.

Sue has a meeting in Peachtree City this afternoon so she'll be a little late in getting home. Peschtree City is only about 20 some miles south of Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson Airport but because of the traffic it'll be a two and a half hour trip back here. That's one thing Atlanta has plenty of is traffic. Here the morning rush hour starts around 5:45 am and runs until 9:00 am. Then you get the lunch time traffic from 11:00 am till 2:00 pm. At 3:00 pm the evening rush hour begins and finally ends around 7:00 pm. What a great city! Actually it is as long as you don't have to drive at these times.

Since Sue will be a little late, I'll start the dinner before she gets here and hopefully have it ready for her arrival. Tonight I'm making a pork chop and rice bake with a salad and garlic bread. Maybe a little fresh fruit for later.

Monday, March 13, 2006

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Wiped Out

This will be a short post. After not much sleep last night and the drugs they gave me this morning for the endoscope procedure, I've been so tired. I slept through most all of my dialysis treatment this afternoon and I'm still wiped out.

The results were good. All the ulcers had healed. I can start back on the Plavix now but, I have to continue taking the Protonex to protect my stomach for a while longer. I've got another follow up in two months.

Right now I feel like these trees - barely able to stand. Good night from Atlanta, Georgia.
Barely There

Photographed - 3/12/06