Wednesday, November 14, 2007

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Where Are We Now?

Another long time between post again. When I first started this blog I posted daily sometimes twice a day but I've been worn down. I know my body is failing - more problems it seems like occur daily. If anyone still reads this I would be greatly surprised.

Most of the time now I either don't feel good enough to post or I cannot see well enough to write. (yes, the vision problem still exist - sometimes better or worse. No steady improvement.) My weeks are now filled with more bad days than good and now comes more problems - SEIZURES. More test, Cat scans, multiple MRI's and of course the blood test too.

I still haven't gained my balance and strength to get away from this damned wheelchair and it's been a year now. Part of it is my fault for not trying harder ut I can't seem to do it.

Sue has hired a caretaker to help out - she comes 5 times a week picks me up from dialysis at 10:30 & stays with me until 5 on Tue & Thur. On Mon. Wed. & Fri. it's 9 - 3:30. She is very nice and also does house work and errands. It's an attempt to give my Mom and Dad their life back but they're back right now because Sue is out of town for a couple of weeks and everyone doesn't want me to be alone for that long. Even I have to admit I couldn't get along without the help.

I haven't shot any photos in several months but I am hoping to do so soon. (Wishful thinking, maybe so, but it's all I have). I am reworking some photos into B&W's and that's working out well most of the time.

So, where are we now? Closer to the end, yes but I still can't see it.

If you're reading this - Thanks, it's therapy for me again. - Mark

Photo for today - Effie's Bridge, Stone Mountain Park, GA