Thursday, April 26, 2007

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Now You See 'Em... Now You Don't


Yes, once again I've had the same vision problems again. Things seemed to be getting better as my vision had improved to nearly normal (for almost a week) when it was lost again. I've been unable to read or write without much trouble for some time now. This is the 1st time I've attempted to write in a couple of weeks. This episode came just before my 48th birthday and was not a welcome gift. Sue has been out of town all but 4 days the last two weeks and has been reading most of my e-mail to me until recently. This is the reason for a lack of post and responses on my part, sorry.

It seems this condition is prone to repeating itself quite often and without warning - one moment you can see - the next the world's a blur. The solution is to get contacts to protect the outer layers of the cornea from sticking to the eyelids. I get the first trial pair this week if all continues to go well. these are contacts you wear for a couple of weeks then dispose of for a new set. I can only hope this takes care of the problem.

My other birthday surprise was a trip via ambulance to the emergency room for a possible heart attack last Friday. All in all, quite a weekend. I went today for a nuclear stress test. (no results yet) I go Tuesday for an echo-stress test. Maybe then we'll know what happened and what's going on inside.

Sue comes home tomorrow night and leaves again very early Monday morning but gets back Wednesday afternoon. She is taking that Friday off and we are having a yard sale that weekend (lots of stuff to get rid of).

Miss Kitty is holding her own. She is still having some trouble but overall seems improved. She is eating more like a horse than a cat, begging for food at every meal and of course - she gets what she wants!
Thanks for reading
Photo for Today - Some Spring flowers I was testing a new lens here. The full size looks really nice

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

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Like a Kid's Game......Maybe I Shouldn't Play

By - FPG

Just when things seem to be going better- WHAM! – It hits you and knocks you back down. I guess it might also compare to playing a children’s board game. You roil the dice and get a six only to land on move back three spaces but this isn’t a game – it’s real life, my life.
This wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t my eye- sight again.

The last few days have been too blurry to read or write anything. Sue has had to help me by reading things and writing the bills. I’m writing this now using Word with 16 pt type and thick Coke bottle type glasses. (Does anyone remember Coke-cola in bottles?) I guess I’m showing a little age there. That’s another thing to deal with this week-age. I’m going to add another year to my old, tired, worn-out body. For some reason I just don’t feel much like celebration. My ability to walk without a walker still eludes me and so far my PT sessions haven’t helped much, actually just the opposite; I now have a wound area on my right stump where my artificial limb rubbed. I’m showing my age again as I was corrected in PT – they’re now called “residual limbs” Funny because it still looks and feels like a stump to me.

Sue will be getting up in a few hours around 4:30 this morning so she can catch her flight to Minneapolis for a meeting. It’s only for one night so she’ll be home in time for my birthday. That’s the only bright spot.

I did manage to finish my taxes on time because I did most of them before the latest eye troubles. It was a break-even deal, no huge refunds here! We must be doing something wrong.
On a final and unhappy note, Miss Kitty is once again not doing well and has appointment this afternoon with the vet. Poor little thing, she was doing so much better then like me three spaces back.(Oh, I’m know as Daddy Kitty and Sue is Mama Kitty - MK is Baby Kitty). I’ll let you know how things go there
As always, thanks for reading.
PHOTO TODAY - This is a guest photo. This is a beautiful North Carolina sunrise he shot and e-mailed me.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

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To All Readers & What's Happening

I want to thank all of you that stop by and take the time to read my blog. There are a few who have been reading for quite a while now and a few new readers too. Many thanks to Pat – she has brought several new readers to my blog and she has a special understanding of my situation. She also shares a love for photography too. Talj and Anna, are two new readers that Pat introduced – thanks for reading.

Talj, I’m sorry to read of all your foot problems and I hope things will improve for you soon.

Gudi and Wendella have been pretty long-time readers and friends. Thanks so much for your thoughts and comments.

I hope everyone had a nice Easter weekend. Ours was quiet and happy even though the air conditioner in the house went out and we have to replace it ($$$) and the new lawn mower quit too, hey what’s a long weekend for anyway. Sue did have a 4-day weekend and we got to enjoy each other’s company for 4 uninterrupted days. That was the best part of my weekend.

Today is my Mom’s birthday. She’s 75 today and we’ve got her flowers, a cake and a gift that we’ll have after dinner tonight. She laughs and says she’s officially “old” now. That’s funny because she gets around much better than I do.

That brings up something else. I started a PT program at the hospital this morning. It should help to strength my legs and entire body so I can get up and walking (better) again. My legs are weak and my balance is not so good right now. I go there on Tuesdays and Thursdays for hour-long sessions. This along with dialysis on Monday, Wednesday and Friday pretty much fill up my week now.

Miss Kitty seems to be back to her ole self, so we are quite happy about that. We’ve also learned she has a love for pork bar-b-que from North Carolina. At least when she isn’t eating my chicken salad!

Just a little of what’s happening here. Thanks for reading.
Today's Photo - This was taken with my new camera with the ISO set at 1000 (forgot to set it back after taking indoor shots w/o using a flash) You'll notice some noise but not too much considering.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

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The Night That Wouldn't End.


I had quite a night last night or should I say nightmare. This was the second night I've suffered several unexplained extreme episodes of low blood sugar. I took my normal amount of insulin and ate a regular meal and tested my blood before going to bed. I left it slightly high (168) after thr previous nights attack. This didn't seem to make any difference though. I went to bed early because I was tired from dialysis and the blood sugar incidents from the night before.

The first wave was around 11:30. I woke up hot and sweating - I knew what was happening and checked my blood sugar: it was 63. I drank a non diet drink - a sunkist orange - they have twice the amount of sugar as a Coke and no phosphorus (kidney diet requirement). I also downed 6 or 7 sugar cubes and a ate a cup of cereal for a lasting effect.My blood sugar was now 183 so I should have been safe until morning.

It was 2:30 when it hit again. This time worse than before, my sugar was 52 and I was very hot and my t-shirt was soaked. I was having trouble concentrating. Sue had to help me. I had yet another drink (which isn't good because of the fluid restrictions - dialysis remember) more sugar cubes, so not to drink so much and some cookies.

This happened over the weekend also, so much so I took no insulin on Sunday at all. These incidents will lead to comma and even death if not treated promptly. So for me it's become a choice of fluid overload (not good) or comma/death (worse yet).

These episodes always leave you feeling tired and totally wiped out and they're very stressful on your entire body.

The only thing we can figure out that might be causing this condition is a new med I was put on to help balance the thyroid and aid in the intake of vitamin D. It's the only thing that has changed and the onset occurred with the beginning of this medication.

I have a call in to the doctor about this and hopefully will get the answer soon.

Thanks for reading,