Saturday, December 01, 2007

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Drifting & Disappoinyments

To Ron and Photobabe, thanks for reading and your comments. As far as Porters goes, I still stop in every now and then but I haven't taken any photos in some time so have very little to contribute. My eyesight is still poor and with these new seziures I just don'y feel like doing much. I was in the emergency room twice this week (once via 911 and ambulance)

Sue and I did go to the show at the Pickneyville Community Center again this year. It was terrible! They had new organizers and it sucked. The price almost doubled,. Last year the vendors were given a goodie bag containing some candy and snacks and a Christmas ornament - this year nothing. The food service very limited, no fries only chips with main selections of a hotdog, chicken fingers (ice cold) and chili.

Traffic was nonexistent. No postcards were sent out this year advertising the event. I sold 2 matted prints, 2 note cards and a single postcard and those were to other vendors at the show! We will not go back next year and from what I was hearing neither will most of the others.

As for me, other than the seizures my rye sight seems to have gotten worse not better. Y am at a loss and it kills me just having bought all this new camera equipment and not being able to use it. I pray it will change, I miss taking`photos